Monday, September 05, 2005

The one with love begetting love

The third in a series on "Teach Us To Pray" from Matthew 6:9-13 at Victory Christian Fellowship-Galleria superblessed me immensely yesterday. Pastor Dre spoke, breaking a two-week run by Pastor Ferdie, and gave a relatively sober yet inspired message on THE GREATest RAID (sermon title).

I remember the points but don't remember the actual title of this three-step process. Score one against not bringing the journal to the Sunday service.

1. Recognize God's Plan. This is taken from the "your will be done" verse. The unusual thing about a lot of Filipino-Christians is that we tend to think it's difficult to ascertain God's will, when this is in fact untrue. God wants to show His will and reveal it all the time. He's our Father - it doesn't make any sense for our father not to tell us what His will is... how will we ever learn? I found that part amusingly true.
2. Rely on God's Will. Whatever His will - good and perfect as it is - is for us to take in and obey. This is very difficult to do, admitedly, especially if you're the type who likes to "set a course" or path for yourself, but I think learning to depend on God's will implies so much more than just blind faith. It's an understanding that what He wants is in fact best for you. A lot of times, I get myself in trouble because I insist on doing it my way. Ang tigas naman ng ulo (we are hardhdeaded), as the old Filipino adage goes.
3. Request God's Power. This inspires me the most. God's power is amazing, yet we always turn to prayer as a last resort, when it should be the first instinct. I look forward to God molding me more in this manner, as I develop a closer relationship with Him and draw closer to Him.

This morning, while I was in prayer, God gently rebuked me for how I handled a certain situation yesterday. He reminded me, "love begets love," just as I was asking for His forgiveness for how I dealt with two people yesterday who needed love from me and didn't get it. I felt so ashamed of myself (as most people do when shown the error of their ways). I was told specifically that these two people did not get much opportunities to be loved, and as a result, couldn't manifest love either.

If there's someone who should know what it's like to show love, it's someone who's received it unconditionally. That'd be me (and all y'all out there who know what Jesus has done for you).

Well, that's in the past, and I know that He has forgiven me for that. I look forward now to making a better impact on those two people by really showing them God's love made manifest. By His grace, I know I can do it, and you can, too.

Who do you know who needs God's love today, manifest specifically through you?

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