Thursday, September 29, 2005

The one with M. Scott Peck (Part 2)

Ganns had recently posted about the death of M. Scott Peck and said that I am a more appropriate blogger for this topic. My husband knows me well. M. Scott Peck wrote one of the books I used to require my general psychology students to read. It's called "The Road Less Travelled". One of the gems I picked up from Peck was when he proposed that love is not a feeling. He discused the difference between falling in love, which has biological and emotional manefestations , and genuine love, which is characterized by conscious choice and commitment. The bestseller, Five Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, also cites some ideas from M. Scott Peck. Peck was a one of few psychologists who spearheaded including the element of spirituality in psychology. He will surely be missed.

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