Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The one with Love Won't Leave You's progress - March 1

As of March 1, 2006, this is the progress of Avalon's Love Won't Leave You at radio in the United States, Australia, and the rest of the world. Success!

Love Won't Leave You is now #4 at KOBC 90.7! It's knocking at #1!

Love Won't Leave You falls to #5 on CHRI 99.1FM in Canada, after a month at #1.

Love Won't Leave You is now at #6 on The Rock Across Australia, it's highest peak thus far!

On WordFM, Love Won't Leave You enters the Top 10 at #10.

Love Won't Leave You is up two to #12 on TheReachFM.

Love Won't Leave You is at #13 on 91.7 WBGL.

As of February 15, Love Won't Leave You is tied for 16th on Last.fm. It's also #16 with a bullet on 20 The Countdown Magazine.

Love Won't Leave You is up 4 notches to #17 on 103.5 WMUZ The Light.

Love Won't Leave You is ranked #17 for the month on GoForthMedia's Top 20 list.

Love Won't Leave You is up to #18 on Mediabase's survey with a bullet. It's also at #18 on Kingfisher.

On Radio and Records, Love Won't Leave You is at #19 with a bullet!

On KFax, Love Won't Leave You is at #19!

Love Won't Leave You rises two notches to #23 on JQ99 Online.

Love Won't Leave You is up to #23 on BeyondRadio.

On Billboard's Hot Christian Songs, Love Won't Leave You is down to #23 and slips out of the top 20 on its Hot Christian Adult Contemporary chart.

Love Won't Leave You ranks 24th on CCW's Top 25 Singles Adult Contemporary.

94% of women 25-44 on HisAir.net are familiar with Love Won't Leave You!

Love Won't Leave You has been on Sonshine FM's playlist for two and a half months. Love Won't Leave You is also on Calvary 88.5's playlist, as well as 1WayFM 91.9. Love Won't Leave You is still on RROnline's playlist, as well as ninetysix five's playlist.

Monday, February 27, 2006

The one with the "Ask Ganns Anything" post

For 24 hours, you can post any question you want in the comments box (just nothing too explicit or obscene, please). 48 hours from now, I'll answer all the questions.

Should be interesting to see where this takes us, eh? :D

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The cheap shot

Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday Happy birthday
Happy birthday to me

This year, my waistline and my age match. I am now 40.

Joke. I'm 29. It's my last year in the 20s. Gosh, I'm ancient.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The one with the Idols who aren't afraid to proclaim their faith

I confess that I started paying attention to Mandisa Hundley after I heard that she forgave Simon for his cutting comments on her weight. I thought to myself, "wow, what a great attitude. That's a Christian walking the walk."

After seeing her performance, I am fully convinced Mandisa Hundley has what it takes to win American Idol, save for the double standard that full-figured women have never truly gone the distance (the closest, I imagine, being Jennifer Hudson, who deserved that title more than Diana DeGarmo, Jasmine Trias, and John Stevens, who lasted longer than she).

Mandisa Hundley was amazing. She knocked Never out of the ballpark, and the other girls just couldn't compare for sheer showmanship. Amazing, amazing. Go girl, rock it for Christ.

I am thrilled that Carrie Underwood took a chance to proclaim her faith with Jesus Take the Wheel, and that gamble has paid off: at six weeks, the song is the second longest-running #1 country single by a female artist in history, tied with Faith Hill's Breathe. If Jesus Takes the Wheel lasts three more weeks at the top, it'll be the longest-running #1 country single by a solo female artist in history (the record holder, FYI, is Connie Smith's Once a Day, which had an eight-week run at No. 1 in 1964-65).

Let's also not forget Ruben Studdard's I Need An Angel, the full-gospel sophomore release. Admittedly, this sold nowhere near his debut, Soulful, but it's all good because Ruben's roots are in gospel anyway, so it's wonderful that he also took the time to declare his faith with the release of that album.

Other Christian American Idol finalists weren't afraid of proclaiming their faith, including first season finalist RJ Helton, who released his own contemporary Christian album, and third season finalist George Huff, whose Miracles was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The one with acceptance

I am fat. Yes, I admit it, I am obese. I've struggled for years with this, and you know what? I accept it.

I accept that I'm chubby. I accept that I get winded up the stairs. I accept that I probably will not live very long before hypertension, cancer, diabetes, or a bus hurtling down Bonifacio Avenue, comes and gets me smack dab in the butt.

I do not, however, accept that I should be judged solely on physical appearance. I do not accept the totality of my worth being based on the fact that I'm pudgier, heavier, or rounder than any of you.

God accepted and loved me as I am. All of y'all should too.

The one with Love Won't Leave You's progress - Feb 22

On Billboard's Hot Christian Songs, Love Won't Leave You is up to #22, and is now Top 20 on Hot Christian Adult Contemporary!

On Radio and Records, Love Won't Leave You is at #20 with a bullet!

Love Won't Leave You spend a second week at #2 on CHRI 99.1FM in Canada, second to Switchfoot's We Are One Tonight.

As of February 15, Love Won't Leave You is tied for 15th on Last.fm.

On WordFM, Love Won't Leave You rises three notches to #13.

Love Won't Leave You is ranked #17 for the month on GoForthMedia's Top 20 list.

Love Won't Leave You is in the Top 25 of JQ99 Online.

94% of women 25-44 on HisAir.net are familiar with Love Won't Leave You!

Love Won't Leave You ranks 24th on CCW's Top 25 Singles Adult Contemporary.

Love Won't Leave You is up to #19 on Mediabase's survey with a bullet.

Love Won't Leave You is up to #23 on BeyondRadio.

Love Won't Leave You is now at #9 on The Rock Across Australia, a new peak!

Love Won't Leave You is #24 on 103.5 WMUZ The Light.

Love Won't Leave You has been on Sonshine FM's playlist for two and a half months. Love Won't Leave You is also on Calvary 88.5's playlist, as well as 1WayFM 91.9. Love Won't Leave You is still on RROnline's playlist, as well as ninetysix five's playlist.

Love Won't Leave You is up two to #14 on TheReachFM.

Love Won't Leave You is now #7 at KOBC 90.7!

Love Won't Leave You is at #13 on 91.7 WBGL.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The one with a Christian song topping a local Philippine chart

For the first time in recent memory, a Christian song has topped a local chart on a secular station!

Sarah Groves' When It Was Over, from her stellar Add to the Beauty album, is #1 on Jam 88.3's On The Charts! As if that weren't enough, she's joined by Jadon Lavik's What If at #5!

When It Was Over is a collaboration with Ed Cash, one of Chris Tomlin's more favored collaborators, so I'm not surprised, and extremely thrilled. Praise the Lord!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The one with my birthday prayers 2006

I have six prayers for my birthday this coming February 26, in no particular order:

1. I pray the government gets its act together. This landslide is the latest in a series of catastrophes for President Arroyo, and all the bickering and placing of blame is ill-timed (since when have pointing of fingers ever been in good timing?) and petty, given the gravity of the situation.

President Arroyo is our current president, like it or not. It wastes time, money, and precious resource trying to kick her out of office. I suggest the government, including senators and congressmen in the opposition, work with her towards making the best of this bad situation, and move the country along.

2. I pray we, as a people, could get our act together. For a country that claims to have Christ in the center of our lives, we're awfully smug. No one follows traffic rules anymore. People avoid paying taxes whenever possible. We used to actually have the lowest traffic occurence in the world - and we have cars, so don't think the Philippines is solely a land of bicycles, tricycles, jeepneys, and chickens, milkfish, goats, and shrimp, crossing and flip-flopping across the road.

We need to respect the law, even if we don't necessarily respect the lawmakers and law enforcers, because without the law, we're basically a people living in relatively organized chaos, and that isn't right, that isn't Godly, that isn't good for the future of our children.

3. I pray for courage, wisdom, and the opportunity to spread the gospel. I've been a Christian for more than six years, and I've shared the gospel with two people. That's a woeful track record. I pray to build better relationships with my friends so I can eventually share with them the joy I have in Jesus.

4. I pray for Cathy and Nathan. My wife and son are the greatest things I have in my life. I pray they continue to remain healthy, and to continue loving and seeking God's ways.

5. I pray for my health. I have a checkup scheduled sometime this month. At 28 going on 29, I should be in the pink of health, but there's a nagging thought in my head that something disastrous is headed my way, thanks to the fact that I'm overweight. God give me discipline to kick the chunky monkey off my back forever.

6. Finally, I pray for all of you. Thanks for the support and prayer through all the years. I pray God grants you health, blessings in every form, and the opportunity to have joy, peace, contentment, and love, every day, just as the Lord intended.

All together now: Advanced happy birthday to me, advanced happy birthday to me, advanced happy birthday, advanced happy birthday, advanced happy birthday to me!

Ganns blows out the candles. Oops, these are prayers, not wishes. They will come true, according to God's will and in His perfect timing. Cheers!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The one with the Philippine landslide

This is devastating. The Yahoo Report follows:

GUINSAUGON, Philippines - Rescue workers held little hope Saturday of finding more survivors from a devastating landslide that killed an estimated 1,800 people, saying this farming village in the eastern Philippines was swallowed whole by a wall of mud and boulders.

The search was focusing on an elementary school amid unconfirmed reports that relatives of the 250 children and teachers had received mobile phone text messages from survivors. Only one girl and a woman had been rescued alive nearby.

Many blamed persistent rains and illegal logging for Friday's disaster.

The logging "stopped around 10 years ago," Roger Mercado, a member of Congress who represents the area, told Manila radio station DZBB. "But this is the effect of the logging in the past."

Soldiers were being shuttled to the disaster zone in the shovels of bulldozers that carried them across a shallow stream. With the mud estimated at 30 feet deep at some points, they were given sketches of the village so they could figure out approximately where the houses once stood.

Lt. Col. Raul Farnacio, the highest-ranking military officer at the scene, estimated the death toll at about 1,800 — nearly every man, woman and child who lived in Guinsaugon, about 400 miles east of the capital, Manila.

"We presume that more or less that 1,800 are feared dead," a grim Farnacio said as search efforts resumed Saturday in a drenching rain and high winds.

Only 57 survivors have been found — none so far Saturday — out of a population of 1,857. At least 24 bodies have been pulled from the mud, and a child who was rescued died overnight from head injuries.

Farnacio said the troops were digging only where they saw clear evidence of bodies because of the danger that the soft, unstable mud could shift and claim new victims.

"We can only focus on the surface," he said. "We cannot go too deep."

Low clouds hung over the area, obscuring the mountain that disintegrated Friday morning after two weeks of heavy rains, covering the village's 375 homes and elementary school. Rescue workers trudged slowly through the sludge, stretchers and ambulances waiting for survivors or the bodies of victims.

Joining them was Dionisio Elmosora, a 42-year-old farmer who was looking for his wife and two sons.

"What's important is for me to find them even if they're dead," said Elmosora, his eyes bloodshot and his face grief-stricken. "I've not eaten since this thing happened."

The landslide left Guinsaugon, which is on the southern part of Leyte island, looking like a giant patch of newly plowed land. Only a few jumbles of corrugated steel sheeting indicate the town ever existed.

"Our village is gone, everything was buried in mud," Eugene Pilo, a survivor who lost his family, told local media on Friday. "All the people are gone."

"It sounded like the mountain exploded, and the whole thing crumbled," Dario Libatan, who lost his wife and three children, told DZMM. "I could not see any house standing anymore."

A helicopter pilot, Leo Dimaala, estimated that half the mountain had collapsed Friday morning.

"We did not find injured people," said Ricky Estela, a crewman on a helicopter that flew a politician to the scene. "Most of them are dead and beneath the mud."

Aerial TV footage showed a wide swath of mud alongside stretches of green rice paddies at the foothills of the scarred mountain.

Pat Vendetti, of the Greenpeace environmental action group, said that that although logging is illegal in the Philippines, a combination of poor governance and corruption has hampered enforcement of the law.

"There were similar landslides at the end of 2004 and the end of 2003, both directly linked to illegal logging on land above villages, and both in the Philippines," said Vendetti.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies blamed a combination of the weather and the type of trees prevalent in the area.

"The remote coastal area of southern Leyte ... is heavily forested with coconut trees," the Red Cross said from Geneva. "They have shallow roots, which can be easily dislodged after heavy rains, causing the land to become unstable."

Southern Leyte province Gov. Rosette Lerias said many residents evacuated the area last week because of the threat of landslides or flooding, but had started returning home during increasingly sunny days.

Even before the landslide, "trees were sliding down upright with the mud," Lerias said.

Army Capt. Edmund Abella said he and about 30 soldiers were wading through waist-deep mud.

"It's very difficult, we're digging by hand, the place is so vast and the mud is so thick," Abella told The Associated Press by cell phone. "When we try to walk, we get stuck in the mud."

He said the troops had just rescued a 43-year-old woman who "was crying and looking for her three nephews, but they were nowhere to be found."

Abella called the conditions extremely hazardous.

"A few minutes ago, mounds of earth came down from the mountain again with the rain and rescuers ran away to safety," Abella said.

Maria Lim, mayor of St. Bernard town that includes Guinsaugon, said the body of a British man, Trevor White, had been recovered far from his house, described as one of the best concrete structures in the village. His Filipino wife was missing.

"Help is on the way," President
Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said in televised remarks. "It will come from land, sea and air."

The international Red Cross launched an emergency appeal for $1.5 million for relief operations.

The U.S. military dispatched at least two warships and other forces to provide medical assistance and other relief. The United States also is sending money requested by the Philippine government for search and rescue, White House spokesman Trent Duffy said. He did not say how much would be sent.

Last weekend, seven road construction workers died in a landslide after falling into a 150-foot deep ravine in the mountain town of Sogod on Leyte.

In 1991, about 6,000 people were killed on Leyte in floods and landslides triggered by a tropical storm. Another 133 people died in floods and mudslides there in 2003.

In 1944, the waters off Leyte island became the scene of the biggest naval battle in history, when U.S. Gen. Douglas MacArthur fulfilled his famed vow "I shall return" and routed Japanese forces occupying the Philippines.

Friday, February 17, 2006

The one with my birthday gift to myself 2006

Today, I bought myself the Anthony Travel Logistics Kit. I've never felt more manly in my life. Bwahahaha. Plus, I got it on sale from Beauty Bar (ask not what I was doing in there) at half price. It was so worth the money.

Seriously, I know it's important for a man to keep himself looking good, and with the weight loss program I'm on now, I'm thoroughly convinced I'll be able to do it well this time. This travel kit from Anthony Logistics will really help, I'm sure.

Contents of the Kit:
1. Sports Stick SPF 15
Objective: Laugh at the sun; sneer at the wind.
Strategy: Chamomile soothes, calendula soothes, aloe vera heals, vitamins A, D and E nourish, SPF 15 protects, beeswax holds it all together.

2. Shave Cream
Objective: A smooth shave; for the first time in your life, a truly smooth shave.
Strategy: Lightly coat face with smooth stuff: eucalyptus oil to heal, squalene to lubricate, aloe vera gel to soothe, an infusion of hops (do not drink) to relax, a bunch of vitamins to nourish -A, B5, C and E.

3. Glycerin Cleashing Bar (in Citrus)
Objective: Live clean, mostly. Shave clean, always.
Strategy: A great soap - filled with good stuff that will prepare your skin for shaving and keep your body clean: botanical extracts to soothe and heal, aloe vera and glycerin to moisturize, orange extract to exfoliate.

4. After Shave Balm
Objective: Stop the suffering. Extinguish the fire of scraping your skin with steel blades. Cool it, man.
Strategy: A greaseless emulsion of natural plant extracts. Allantoin to soothe, benzocaine to help relieve razor burn, aloe vera to heal and a bunch of vitamins to nourish - A, C, and E.

5. Shave Towel
If you plan to shave, you, of course, need a towel.

6. Travel Logistics Checklist
This is funny. The checklist has condoms. Hahaha.

I love this kit. I've also packed in it my toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, and melon alcogel from Zen Zest. If the world ends, I know I can still make a smooth shave.

Thanks to Cathy who allowed me to buy this indulgence.

The one with Libris

Horrors! Libris Books, one of our favorite specialty bookstores, is closing up shop at Market! Market! Do take some time to swing by, because all books are on sale at 50% off until the end of February.

The one with Nathan's new pictures

A few weeks ago, Nathan enjoyed the free children's playground at Market! Market! Here are some shots we wanted to share with you.



Help! I'm stuck!

The one with American Idol semifinalist believers

So the American Idol semifinalists have been selected. Here's your quick rundown on the believers to pray for:

Seven of the 12 women said they would thank God, with three (my personal bet Heather Cox, Mandisa, and Stevie Scott) saying specifically they would thank Jesus Christ. Seven men said they would thank God, but non identified Jesus specifically.

Let the games begin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The one with our Las Pinas townhouse for rent

Our Royal South townhouse in Las Pinas will be available for rent for only P9,000/month starting March 1, 2010.

Cathy and I are renting out our townhouse in Las Pinas City. If you're looking to rent a house in Las Pinas, please take a look at our Las Pinas townhouse, situated in private, safe subdivision Royal South Subdivision, only ten minutes away from SM Southmall and other exciting places along the Zapote area.

There is a parking slot in front of the house, and there are no problems with water and electricity. There is a small monthly association fee to ensure the security of the subdivision.

Our asking price for our Las Pinas City townhouse for rent is only P9000/month (other properties in the same area are renting in the Php10,000 to Php13,000 range). Terms are one month advance and two months deposit. Please email us at superblessed at gmail dot com or call 0908-892-2377.

Photos here (note: furniture belongs to previous tenant. Tenants provide their own furniture).

The one with the Makati Brunch Club

Looking for reviews on restaurants in Makati? Check out the Makati Brunch Club!

Among the restaurants in Makati reviewed thus far are Cafe Bola and Flamers. Today they're doing Recipes. Fun!

The one with the new devotional

Now that I've finished Henry and Tom Blackaby's The Man God Uses: Personal Devotional Journal, I'm moving onto another Blackaby book, this one by Henry and Richard Blackaby, Experiencing God Day-by-Day Personal Devotional Journal.

I've found the Blackabys to be very thoughtful in their devotionals, and they've certainly helped me come to a better understanding of certain verses. I look forward to drawing even closer to God with their help in this latest devotional.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The one with the sexy name decoder

Terribly sinful, but a barrel of laughs. Just for this Valentine's Day, I promise I won't be so naughty next year. ;) Thanks to Toni for the link.

Gorgeous Adonis Needing Naughty Stimulation

Cutie Administering Thrilling Hot Stimulation

Friday, February 10, 2006

The one with the Brunch Bunch

Three officemates of mine and I have officially formed our own little Brunch Bunch. Nothing like the real Brunch Bunch, we just made a list of all the restaurants in the Ayala-Makati area in which we wanted to eat. Every day, we pick out a new restaurant and commit to eat lunch there.

Today, we're lunching at Cafe Bola in Greenbelt. Will post a review later this afternoon. :)

Monday, February 06, 2006

The one with our thoughts on the Muslim cartoon controversy

Cathy and I had a short but passionate discussion on the anger of Muslims regarding the editorial cartoon published in a Danish newspaper and subsequently several other newspapers throughout Europe, which, recently had come to a head by the torching of the Danish embassy in Lebanon.

Meanwhile, cartoonists throughout the world defend their right to provoke. In the article, Epoque Weekly's Hicheme Baba-Ahmed said "it is normal that non-Muslims should be able to draw Mohammed in the same way they do Jesus Christ."

Wrong, Baba-Ahmed.

In general, Christianity is a forgiving religion. Save for the otherwise barbaric and misguided Crusades, Christians have espoused turning the other cheek and forgiving wrongdoings done to them, knowing that God was powerful enough to deal with the blasphemy on His time and in His own wisdom. Islam, on the other hand, condemns any form of interpretation of the prophet Mohammed, good or bad. Mr. Baba-Ahmed's narrow-minded discourse only goes to underline how little he knows about Muslim sentiment: Muslims, moderate or otherwise, will defend their faith to the death.

People have died as a result of this otherwise avoidable incident; it has encouraged racial tension, rebuilt social walls that have taken decades to tear down, and set back the clock of tolerance a few hundred thousand years. I believe the right of free speech does not negate the right to life, and the very concept of satire - to lampoon the powerful - should not extend towards religious and racial sentiment that can fuel this kind of hatred.

Tony Benn puts it best in the Times of London's At what price must free speech come article: "People’s faith should be respected. To say anything that offends against the faith of others is a real mistake. (The cartoons) have caused great offence at a very sensitive time. This is not a question of illegality; that is nonsense. You just do not insult people."

The cartoon - that of Mohammed's turban being a bomb - accomplishes nothing but anger Muslims and make us shudder at its repercussions. It is insulting, derogatory, and not at all satiric nor funny. Not all terrorists are Muslim, and not all Muslims are terrorists. To think a Danish Christian newspaper first published this terrible cartoon!

Don't think all Christians are exempt from outrage at their God insulted: a Christian group recently managed to stonewall NBC from airing a Will and Grace episode where Britney Spears was to play a character hosting a cooking segment called Cruci-Fixin's on Jack McFarland's show, Out TV. If Christians insulted by how American television mocks the Center of their faith, and take certain actions, so can Muslims when the center of their faith is mocked.

I empathize with Muslims everywhere when they speak out angrily against this cartoon. I denounce this ambiguity of purpose and racial-religious slur in the guise of freedom of speech. However, we encourage Muslims everywhere to exercise caution in voicing out their anger in extremely violent ways, because in the end, we all lose when lives are lost, property is damaged, and the walls of cooperation and tolerance come down in an explosion of bloodshed and

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The one with the Victory Volunteers' Weekend

Cathy and I went to Victory Christian Fellowship at the Fort to participate in the We Want You: Victory Volunteers' Weekend. Cathy wanted to join the Kids' Ministry and I wanted to reenter the world of praise and worship, so we both went in with a sense of purpose and heartfelt desire to be part of ministry again.

After an initial,painfully short round of praise (led by Terri and new addition Johann [originally from the Alabang church, I imagine), we were divided into our separate ministry groups where I found that, to my chagrin, there was going to be an audition.

Cathy didn't need an audition for the Kids' Ministry; there were no auditions for Kids, Ushering, Hospitality, and Technical. Music, however, had to have auditions, and they were holding them right then and there.

For some strange reason, I found myself extremely nervous - the kind of nervous that comes with an acidic stomach and cramps (heck, you'd think I was suffering heartburn). I don't know what it was - the fear of rejection? The thought of not-being-good-enough? The importance of keeping focused on praising God, not auditioning per se - but I was aching and cramping like car-azy.

Since I didn't know there was to be an audition, I also didn't have a song prepared. I started to think - and you know how I don't like to think - about songs, maybe doing an R&B version of Amazing Grace, or letting it out on Joy in the Holy Ghost, or taking a shot with an original, which I wouldn't do unless there was a piano in the room.

They made us line up a la American Idol, in alphabetical order of our family names, and called each one of us in to do an audition with their own Simon, Randy and Paula's (ours were Lisa, Joanne and Johann, I think), and, just like AI, we couldn't see the other auditionees, and when my turn came, I still didn't know what song to sing.

So I went in the room and saw - to my delight! - they had a piano. In the three seconds that passed as I walked to the three judges and shook their hands, I decided to go with an original, Incomparable. After introducing myself and being, well, me, all happy and hyperactive, I sat down and warbled out the first verse and prechorus of Incomparable before they stopped me and asked if I could attend Friday night practices.

Friday night practices were practices for volunteers with the short track to becoming backup vocalists.

I made it! In less than six months from now, I'll be worshipping God on stage again! What a joy! Praise God!

So I just want to share the words of Incomparable as a close to this particular post. God's love is truly incomparable, and there's absolutely nothing He can't do for us when our hearts are geared towards loving and serving Him. Praise Jesus!


Who compares to Your beauty?
Is there someone more magnificent than You?
You've turned our mourning into dancing
We will sing in gratitude to You

There is one thing in this world
That's pure and wonderful
Your love is incomparable

Great is your love, faithful and true
And by Your mercy, I belong to You
Great are you Jesus, Master of all
And Your love is incomparable
Your love is incomparable

Friday, February 03, 2006

The one with Love Won't Leave You's progress - Feb 3

As of February 3, 2005, this is the progress of Avalon's Love Won't Leave You at radio in the United States, Australia, and the rest of the world.

Success! After five weeks, Avalon's Love Won't Leave You, the carrier single off their new studio album, Stand, now in record bars across the world, has breached the Billboard Hot Christian Songs tally online, steadily rising four notches to #22, in its fifth week on the chart! Visit the Billboard Radio Monitor's Hit Predictor!

Overall, on Radio and Records, Love Won't Leave You is now at #26.

In Omak, Washington, Morning Light continues play Love Won't Leave You (as well as George Huff's A Brighter Day, another spectacular track)!

In Champaign, Illinois, 91.7 ninety-one seven has Love Won't Leave You as a top pick (#12)!

Calvary 88.5 has Love Won't Leave You coninues to remain in medium rotation!

KOBC 90.7 has Love Won't Leave You at #13, up 1 from last week!

GoForthMedia in Mobile, Alabama, has Love Won't Leave You at #17!

Love Won't Leave You is at #25, up five, at ReachFM in Newark, Delaware!

I love Canada! CHRI 99.1FM has Avalon's Love Won't Leave You at #1 for a SECOND WEEK! I love Canada!

Christians in Australia can vote for Love Won't Leave You on The Rock Across Australia, where Love Won't Leave You slips a notch to #12. Come on, you guys, vote!

On Ultra106.5, Love Won't Leave You is in heavy rotation (you can vote here)! 1WayFM has been playing Love Won't Leave You for five weeks running.

In South Africa, Kingfisher 103.8 has Love Won't Leave You at #18!


Fatestorm dedicates Love Won't Leave You to herself.

Simon Hawkins congratulates the writers of Orphans of God, one of the tracks on Stand.

Julie says Stand is excellent.

Cordelia publishes the lyrics of Love Won't Leave You.

Stand is podcasted as a special feature on NewReleaseTuesday.

Janine is moved by Love Won't Leave You.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The one with the complete list of Dove Awards 2006 nominees

The nominees for the Dove Awards 2006 are out!

Song of the Year
1. Cry Out to Jesus. Songwriters: Mac Powell, Tai Anderson, Brad Avery, David Carr, Mark Lee
2. Friend of God. Songwriters: Israel Houghton, Michael Gungor
3. Held. Songwriters: Christa Wells
4. Hide. Songwriters: Joy Williams, Jason Houser, Matthew West
5. Holy is the Lord. Songwriters: Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio
6. How Great is Our God. Songwriters: Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash
7. Indescribable. Songwriters: Laura Story, Jesse Reeves
8. Lifesong. Songwriters: Mark Hall
9. Only Grace. Songwriters: Matthew West, Kenny Greenberg
10. Voice of Truth. Songwriters: Mark Hall, Steven Curtis Chapman

Male Vocalist of the Year
1. Chris Tomlin
2. David Phelps
3. Jason Crabb
4. Jeremy Camp
5. Mark Hall

Female Vocalist of the Year
1. Amy Grant
2. Bethany Dillon
3. Joy Williams
4. Natalie Grant
5. Nichole Nordeman

Group of the Year
1. BarlowGirl
2. Casting Crowns
3. David Crowder Band
4. Kutless
5. MercyMe

Artist of the Year
1. Casting Crowns
2. Chris Tomlin
3. Jeremy Camp
4. Natalie Grant
5. Switchfoot

New Artist of the Year
1. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
2. Krystal Meyers
3. Shawn McDonald
4. Stellar Kart
5. The Afters

Producer of the Year
1. Brown Bannister
2. Ed Cash
3. Mark A. Miller
4. Otto Price
5. Vince Gill

Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year
1. Are You Real? KJ-52 featuring Jon Micah Sumrall
2. Love (So Beautiful) DJ Maj featuring Liquid Beats
3. Stereo 4th Avenue Jones
4. Trainwreck Mat Kearney
5. We Don’t Play Grits featuring Manchild

Rock Recorded Song of the Year
1. Lay Down My Pride Jeremy Camp
2. Let Go BarlowGirl
3. The Wait Is Over Disciple
4. Who I Am Hates Who I’ve Been Reliant K
5. The Slam tobyMac featuring T-Bone

Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year
1. Beautiful Love The Afters
2. Here is Our King David Crowder Band
3. I Can't Do This Plumb
4. Mirror BarlowGirl
5. Stars Switchfoot

Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year
1. Be My Escape Relient K
2. Cry Out to Jesus Third Day
3. Held Natalie Grant
4. Hide Joy Williams
5. Lifesong Casting Crowns

Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year
1. All My Praise Selah
2. Days of Elijah Twila Paris
3. Holy Ground Crabb Family
4. In Christ Alone Brian Littrell
5. Lay It Down Jaci Velasquez

Southern Gospel Recorded Song of the Year
1. Good Morning Lord Young Harmony
2. Greater is He Crabb Family
3. Long As I Got King Jesus Brian Free & Assurance
4. Not That You Died Legacy Five
5. Through the Fire Crabb Family featuring Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

Bluegrass Recorded Song of the Year
1. Living Prayer Alison Krauss & Union Station
2. Low and Down McRaes
3. One Rose Lewis Family
4. There Is Power in the Blood Buddy Greene
5. Why Did I Wait So Long? Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder

Country Recorded Song of the Year
1. Angels Randy Travis
2. Jesus, Take the Wheel Carrie Underwood
3. Mawmaw’s Song (In the Sweet By and By) Bart Millard
4. They Don’t Understand Sawyer Brown
5. When I Get Where I’m Going Brad Paisley featuring Dolly Parton

Urban Recorded Song of the Year
1. A Brighter Day George Huff
2. Heaven Mary Mary
3. Jesus Will Antonio Neal
4. Looking for You Kirk Franklin
5. Pray CeCe Winans

Traditional Gospel Recorded Song of the Year
1. All Night Alvin Darling
2. Been So Good To Me The Mighty Clouds of Joy
3. God Blocked It Kurt Carr
4. I Know the Truth (Lies) Shirley Caesar featuring Tonex
5. We’ve Come to Magnify the Lord Rizen
6. Whatever You Want (God’s Got It) Chicago Mass Choir

Contemporary Gospel Recorded Song of the Year
1. Be Blessed Yolanda Adams
2. God Is Able Smokie Norful
3. I Will Find A Way Fred Hammond
4. Not Forgotten Israel & New Breed
5. Presence of the Lord Christ Tabernacle Choir

Worship Song of the Year
1. Be Thou My Vision. Songwriters: Traditional
2. Blessed Be Your Name. Songwriters: Matt Redman, Beth Redman
3. Holy is the Lord. Songwriters: Chris Tomlin, Louie Giglio
4. How Great Is Our God. Songwriters: Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves, Ed Cash
5. Indescribable. Songwriters: Laura Story, Jesse Reeves
6. Strong Tower. Songwriters: Marc Byrd, Mark Lee, Aaron Sprinkle, Jon Micah Sumrall

Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year
1. Behind the Musik KJ-52
2. Dichotomy B Grits
3. Stereo: the evolution of hiprocksoul 4th Avenue Jones
4. The Boy vs. The Cynic John Reuben

Rock Album of the Year
1. All Gas No Brake Stellar Kart
2. Beauty From Pain Superchic[k]
3. Disciple Disciple
4. Mmhmm Relient K
5. The Art of Breaking Thousand Foot Krutch

Rock/Contemporary Album of the Year
1. A Collision David Crowder Band
2. Another Journal Entry BarlowGirl
3. I Wish We All Could Win The Afters
4. Nothing is Sound Switchfoot
5. Wherever You Are Third Day

Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year
1. Awaken Natalie Grant
2. Genesis Joy Williams
3. Lifesong Casting Crowns
4. Redemption Songs Jars of Clay
5. Restored Jeremy Camp

Inspirational Album of the Year
1. Believe Natalie Grant
2. Greatest Hymns Selah
3. Hymned Bart Millard
4. Life is a Church David Phelps
5. Rock of Ages...Hymns & Faith Amy Grant

Southern Gospel Album of the Year
1. Bill Gaither Bill Gaither
2. Common Thread Oak Ridge Boys
3. Ernie Haase & Signature Sound Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
4. Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle Crabb Family
5. Live in NYC Brian Free & Assurance

Bluegrass Album of the Year
1. Hymns & Prayer Songs Buddy Greene
2. New Beginnings DEWgrass
3. One Rose Lewis Family
4. Shine On Ralph Stanley
5. So Glad The Bradleys

Country Album of the Year
1. About You Corey Brooks
2. Count It All Joy Susie Luchsinger
3. Glory Train Randy Travis
4. Perfect Love McRaes
5. Soul’s Chapel Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives

Urban Album of the Year
1. Charles & Taylor Charles & Taylor
2. Day By Day Yolanda Adams
3. Hero Kirk Franklin
4. Just Until Kierra “Kiki” Sheard
5. Miracles George Huff

Traditional Gospel Album of the Year
1. Atom Bomb Blind Boys of Alabama
2. I Know the Truth Shirley Caesar
3. I Shall Not Be Moved Rev. F.C. Barnes
4. In the House of the Lord The Mighty Clouds of Joy
5. Live in Memphis, He Said It Dottie Peoples
6. Project Praise: Live in Atlanta Chicago Mass Choir

Contemporary Gospel Album of the Year
1. Dream BeBe Winans
2. Mary Mary Mary Mary
3. Now Is The Time Anointed
4. Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs Donnie McClurkin
5. When He Came Martha Munizzi
6. Worshipper Darwin Hobbs

Praise & Worship Album of the Year
1. Alive in South Africa Israel & New Breed
2. Blessed Be Your Name The Songs of Matt Redman Vol. 1 Matt Redman
3. He Is Exalted (Live Worship) Twila Paris
4. Rescue (Live Worship) NewSong
5. Strong Tower Kutless

Instrumental Album of the Year
1. Adonai Hector David
2. Life Andy Hunter
3. Songs of Remembrance Wayne Haun
4. The Power of Your Love Mark McClure
5. Tribute to Bill and Gloria Gaither Anthony Burger

Children's Music Album of the Year
1. Absolute Modern Worship for Kids Various
2. Born to Worship - The Praise Baby Collection Various
3. Cedarmont Worship For Kids Volume 1 Various
4. Here I Am To Worship for Kids 2 Various
5. Jesus Is My Superhero Hillsong
6. King of the Jungle Celeste Clydesdale

Spanish Language Album of the Year
1. Adorar - Cantos de Alabanza y Adoracion Various
2. Brillas Assiria Do Nascimiento
3. Dios es Bueno Marcos Witt
4. En Vivo desde Costa Rica Funky
5. Hip Hop y Reggaeton Constructivo 7th Poet
6. Leonardo Leonardo
7. Mi Proposito Julissa

Special Event Album of the Year
1. Come Let Us Adore Him featuring Ana Laura, Bebo Norman, Danielle Young, Joy Williams, Cliff Young, Andrew Osenga, Cindy Morgan, Krystal Meyers, Josh Brown, Jars of Clay, Third Day, and Christine Byrd
2. Happy Christmas Volume Four featuring Switchfoot, Relient K, Hawk Nelson, Eisley, Emery, Anberlin, Starflyer 59, Aaron Gillespie, Kenny Vasoli, Mae, Copeland, Spoken, The Fold, Number One Gun, and John Davis
3. Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe featuring Jeremy Camp, Steven Curtis Chapman, David Crowder Band, Delirious?, Bethany Dillon, Jars of Clay, Kutless, Nichole Nordeman, Rebecca St. James, tobyMac, and Chris Tomlin
4. Passion: How Great is Our God featuring David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, Watermark, Charlie Hall, and Shane & Shane
5. WoW Christmas Green featuring Amy Grant, Natalie Grant, Rebecca St. James, Steven Curtis Chapman, tobyMac, ZOEgirl, NewSong, Jaci Velasquez, Chris Tomlin, Jars of Clay, Casting Crowns, Third Day, BarlowGirl, Avalon, CeCe Winans, Joy Williams, Bethany Dillon, Michael W. Smith, Matthew West, Clay Aiken, Point of Grace, Building 429, Kutless, Relient K, Big Daddy Weave, Selah, David Crowder Band, Mark Schultz, FFH, and Jump 5

Musical of the Year
1. Amazing Grace; Sue C. Smith, Russell Mauldin, Brentwood Music Publications
2. Grace That Amazes; Claire Cloninger, Lari Goss; Word Music
3. Redemption: Power of the Cross; Sue C. Smith, David Moffitt, Travis Cottrell; Benson Music Publications
4. Sing Joy; Geron Davis, Bradley Knight; Benson Music Publications
5. Wondrous Gift; Deborah Craig-Claar, David T. Clydesdale; Clydesdale & Clydesdale Music

Youth/Children's Musical of the Year
1. Christmas in Reverse; Kathie Hill, Melody Morris; Kathie Hill Music
2. Christmas Starr; Annette Oden; Integrity Music
3. Extreme Christmas; Steven V. Taylor; Brentwood Music Publications
4. His Renown; Steven V. Taylor, Louie Giglio; Word Music
5. King of the Jungle; Celeste Clydesdale; Clydesdale & Clydesdale Music

Choral Collection of the Year
1. Bigger Than Life; Michael Neale, Harold Rouse, Jay Rouse; Integrity Music
2. Come, Let Us Adore Him; Lari Goss; Word Music
3. Great and Marvelous-Celebrating the Songs of Tommy Walker Vol. 2; Tommy Walker, Bradley Knight; Benson Music Publications
4. Hymns (Classic Songs for Modern Worship); Rob Howard, Scott Harris, Ken Barker; Word Music
5. Seasons of Praise; Carol Cymbala; Brooklyn Tabernacle Music

Recorded Music Packaging of the Year
1. Add to the Beauty (Sara Groves); Dana Salsedo; Wayne Brezinka; Kristin Barlowe; INO Records
2. Life (Andy Hunter); Jan Cook, Tim Frank; Joshua Sage Newman; Thomas Petillo; Sparrow Records
3. Mmhmm (Relient K); Eddy Boer, Greg Leppert; Gotee Records/Capitol Records
4. O God, The Aftermath (Norma Jean); Asterik Studios, Ryan Clark, Jeff Gros; Solid State Records
5. Redemption Songs (Jars of Clay); Stephanie McBrayer, Tim Parker; Jimmy Abegg; Essential Records
6. The Boy vs. The Cynic (John Reuben); Greg Leppert, Eddy Boer; David Johnson; Gotee Records
7. The Everglow (Mae); Asterik Studio, Dave Elkins, Zach Gehring, Mark Padgett, Jacob Marshall, Rob Sweitzer; Ryan Clark; Jeff Gros; Tooth & Nail Records
8. The Question (Emery); Asterik Studio, Toby Morrell, Devin Shelton, Matt Carter, Chopper, Dave Powell, Josh Head; Ryan Clark; Jerad Knudson; Tooth & Nail Records
9. You Can’t Trust a Ladder (The Myriad); Sarah Sung; Jerad Knudson; Floodgate Records

Short Form Music Video of the Year
1. Apparitions of Melody Kids in the Way
2. Be My Escape Relient K
3. Let This One Stay Dizmas
4. Move Thousand Foot Krutch
5. Quien Sabe Kyosko
6. Stars Switchfoot

Long Form Music Video of the Year
1. A Night of Stories & Songs Mark Schultz
2. Live at Brooklyn Tabernacle Crabb Family
3. Live From Another Level Israel & New Breed
4. Live Wire Third Day
5. Stacie Orrico Live in Japan Stacie Orrico

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The one with reviews of Stand by Avalon

The latest album from American Music Award-winning vocal group Avalon, Stand, is garnering rave reviews from Christian publications and mainstream e-commerce sites!

"This seventh studio album from Avalon is a surefire hit." - JesusFreakHideout.com

"Avalon has delivered another great album... This is a different "side" of Avalon that we haven't heard in their previous albums...more modern rock." - ChristianBook.com

"Avalon is back with the unmistakable voices, sincerity and encouraging songs you have come to love." - IndependentBands.com

"Avalon is best at delivering highly produced pop, a trend they continue for Stand, their seventh proper studio album." - ChristianityToday.com

" This new album by Avalon is one of the best albums that you will every hear!" - MusiChristian.com

In singles' news, Love Won't Leave You just entered the Pop Top 20 at WordFM. It's #96 on MuzicBuff's personal chart.