Sunday, February 05, 2006

The one with the Victory Volunteers' Weekend

Cathy and I went to Victory Christian Fellowship at the Fort to participate in the We Want You: Victory Volunteers' Weekend. Cathy wanted to join the Kids' Ministry and I wanted to reenter the world of praise and worship, so we both went in with a sense of purpose and heartfelt desire to be part of ministry again.

After an initial,painfully short round of praise (led by Terri and new addition Johann [originally from the Alabang church, I imagine), we were divided into our separate ministry groups where I found that, to my chagrin, there was going to be an audition.

Cathy didn't need an audition for the Kids' Ministry; there were no auditions for Kids, Ushering, Hospitality, and Technical. Music, however, had to have auditions, and they were holding them right then and there.

For some strange reason, I found myself extremely nervous - the kind of nervous that comes with an acidic stomach and cramps (heck, you'd think I was suffering heartburn). I don't know what it was - the fear of rejection? The thought of not-being-good-enough? The importance of keeping focused on praising God, not auditioning per se - but I was aching and cramping like car-azy.

Since I didn't know there was to be an audition, I also didn't have a song prepared. I started to think - and you know how I don't like to think - about songs, maybe doing an R&B version of Amazing Grace, or letting it out on Joy in the Holy Ghost, or taking a shot with an original, which I wouldn't do unless there was a piano in the room.

They made us line up a la American Idol, in alphabetical order of our family names, and called each one of us in to do an audition with their own Simon, Randy and Paula's (ours were Lisa, Joanne and Johann, I think), and, just like AI, we couldn't see the other auditionees, and when my turn came, I still didn't know what song to sing.

So I went in the room and saw - to my delight! - they had a piano. In the three seconds that passed as I walked to the three judges and shook their hands, I decided to go with an original, Incomparable. After introducing myself and being, well, me, all happy and hyperactive, I sat down and warbled out the first verse and prechorus of Incomparable before they stopped me and asked if I could attend Friday night practices.

Friday night practices were practices for volunteers with the short track to becoming backup vocalists.

I made it! In less than six months from now, I'll be worshipping God on stage again! What a joy! Praise God!

So I just want to share the words of Incomparable as a close to this particular post. God's love is truly incomparable, and there's absolutely nothing He can't do for us when our hearts are geared towards loving and serving Him. Praise Jesus!


Who compares to Your beauty?
Is there someone more magnificent than You?
You've turned our mourning into dancing
We will sing in gratitude to You

There is one thing in this world
That's pure and wonderful
Your love is incomparable

Great is your love, faithful and true
And by Your mercy, I belong to You
Great are you Jesus, Master of all
And Your love is incomparable
Your love is incomparable

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