Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The one with all the excitement

So, the launch is over! Pics to be put up! More importantly, now we try to get the magazine into newsstands in the next two weeks.

Prayer, please! Go, go, go for God!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

The one with the list of LIVEtheLIFE Bloggers!

LIVEtheLIFE owes a lot to the Fil-Christian blogging community. A lot of the writers and online support that jumpstarted the magazine came from the online connection of blogs. So, a profuse thanks to one and all Christian bloggers who are willing to make a stand!

I would like to recognize you - please stand up and be recognized! Friends, if you've linked up to the LIVEtheLIFE "Help Spread the Word" online campaign, please email me or comment here so I can add you to the list of people who are helping us take a stand for Christian values in print media! We're fighting fire with fire, to bring teens back to a lifestyle of constant communication with Jesus! Praise God!

If you'd like to join this, it's pretty simple. Just visit this link, and copy paste the text onto your blog. Title it however you wish: standard is "Help Spread the Word! LIVEtheLIFE, Nov 27!" Then blog it, then send me an email or comment on this particular blog entry that you've helped us spread the word! I'll then add you to the growing list below. May God bless you all immensely!

LIVEtheLIFE Bloggers, count off!

1. Ganns Deen (Superblessed)
2. Wifely (Wifely Steps)
3. The Rowster. (The Rowster)
4. Arnold (Better Than Life)
5. Daniel (DeeBeeDee.com)
6. Rick Manzano (RickyManzano.com)
7. Jax (Jax Place)
8. Keren (KerenTan.com)
9. Tina (RefineMe.org)
10. Lyra (Behind the Wooden Door)
11. Riz (Outbursts)
12. Jeanny (Hubby and Wife)
13. Ariel (In Between Panels)
14. JM (For a While)
15. Pau (Brownpau.com)
16. Phisch (InThatNumber.com)
17. Daxi (Daxi)
18. Trisha (Off Tilt)
19. Beabear (Beabear)
20. hafajerry (Barkadahan post)
21. Chette (Chette's Personal Blog)
22. Boris (I Love Boris)
23. Boris (Chinito.org - Two Borises? What are the odds?!)
24. Meryll (Just Keep Swimming)
25. Wayne (Wayne Manuel)
26. Ida (Full Cup Cafe)

Friday, November 26, 2004

The one with the new LIVEtheLIFE graphics

Check it out! :D

Come to the launch!

This is not the final cover. Think about it: this is probably Cindy's worst shot during the entire shoot. She'll look fantastic on the final cover. God is good.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

The one with the Saturday launch jitters

So I just came back from a meeting with the Ayala events people. It's all settled, apparently: we're all set to launch LIVEtheLIFE at Shepherd's Staff, 1230pm, on Saturday, November 27, 2004. Kitchie Nadal will sing three songs, sign magazines and CDs, and basically rock the house. We, in the meantime, will try to get people to subscribe to the mag for a year. We will require just two members of Ayala's vaunted security force, apparently. Praise the Lord.

Oh, swing by Chette's forum. And if you agree with me that Jennifer Hudson should have been the American Idol, visit this site for her AI soundbites. Love it, love it, love it. :D

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The one with the SMS plans

Today, I meet up with Joan of Smart SMS Care. The idea: get LIVEtheLIFE on SMS! Feedback, news, events, the whole shebang. Right now, it's easier for me to communicate and work with Smart, but I hope some folks at Globe or Sun will get the hint. :p

Meanwhile, to check out some of the Cindy photos we took, visit Harold Uy's homepage.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The one with the thoughts on Cindy Kurleto

Last Saturday, Harold, Dante, and I had the immense pleasure of killing two birds with one stone: we interviewed Christian actress and model Cindy Kurleto for our January cover feature, who was made up by Corinne, Angela, Sharon, and Dirky, four quirky individuals who make up the Amazing Grace Ministry of Style, a Christian makeup and styling squad. Isn't that so trippy?!

After having spent half a day with Cindy, I can safely say this: print and mainstream media has done this woman grave injustice. She's kind, sweet, down-to-earth, and modest. Plus, she's a real trooper who knows how to work the camera. Didn't have any trouble at all, and got a ton of shots, any of which could be used. Wonderful, wonderful woman. She even pointed out some of her favorite Bible verses, and gladly wore (and accepted) the Soaptees "Believer" tee we gave her for the cover.

You'll see how she looks once we've laid out the Jan issue. Can't wait!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The one where Ganns is tired

I'm tired and cranky, but also peppy and joyful. A study in contradiction? Y'all don't know me that well. Hwekhwekhwek.

I'm tired because I spent two hours at the gym before deciding to travel across the Park Squares, Gloriettas, and Greenbelts to make phone calls, distribute posters, and whatnot. So this is what it's like to set up a magazine ministry - I'm gonna lose a lotta weight, praiseGodforHisgoodnesspantpantpant.

I'm cranky because I still can't get over how some businessmen think of the bottom line. I asked this large retailer if they could carry our mag, but they wouldn't go for less than 40%. I tried to bargain for 35%, that's giving it to them at cost, but they wouldn't budge. So, instead of a Jesus mag in their aisles, they've got gay magazines, smutty magazines, and magazines no one can really afford at full price. Grr. Prayers to change these people's minds are requested.

I'm peppy because despite all this negativity, God continues to inspire me with the faith of the people who are working with me. God bless Arnold and Noel.

I'm joyful because it's only two weeks until launch, and then God's power will shine bright as the sun. Join me, won't you? LIVEtheLIFE, a Christ-centered publication, sold out in three weeks! Amen!

The one with the anger at some retailers

I understand that, in these difficult times, everyone has to make money to survive. I understand that, I really do. What I don't understand is why some retailers ask for a 40% markup for magazines - on a consignment basis. I mean, come on! At 40%, you'll make more money than the publishers themselves!

Oh! That's why everyone wants to own bookstores! Well, la-dee-dah!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

The one with the exclusive LIVEtheLIFE interviews

A very special part of LIVEtheLIFE are the celebrity interviews. In a meeting with a youth pastor the other day, I was cautioned about the choice of celebrities to feature in the magazine, warned that, if the celebrity backslid, it would speak negatively of the magazine.

I took the comment with as much humility and silence as I could muster (those of you who've met me in person know how difficult that is!), then very tactfully replied that anyone, whether pastor or new believer, is susceptible to backsliding; Provs 4:23 tells us to guard our hearts, for it is the wellspring of life.

Interviewing a celebrity does, among other things, the following:
1) It encourages the celebrity to give testimony, and therefore stand before the public and declare that s/he has a relationship with Jesus Christ;
2) It gives the celebrity a certain level of accountability to her/his fans, and more importantly, to her/his God;
3) It encourages the celebrity's fans to emulate the celebrity, and therefore bring more people to Christ; and
4) It challenges the celebrity's church to give the celebrity's spiritual journey equal, if not more emphasis, as other churchgoers, because the walk of the celebrity is, in part, dependent on the spiritual covering of her/his community.

Be that as it may, we've contacted several celebrities who are open about testifying to their faith, both local and foreign, and - Praise God! - it is my pleasure to announce exclusive interviews with the following celebrities will appear in future issues of LIVEtheLIFE:

1. Kitchie Nadal, Filipino pop-rock singer/songwriter (cover feature, Debut Issue, December 04-January 05)
2. Cindy Kurleto, Filipino-Austrian actress/model (cover feature, Start Fresh Issue, February - March 05)
3. Nicole C. Mullen, Afro-American CCM singer/songwriter (feature, Start Fresh Issue, February-March 05)
4. Casting Crowns, American CCM pop-rock band (feature, Do Great Things Issue, April-May 05)
5. Across the Sky, American CCM pop-rock duo (feature, Do Great Things Issue, April-May 05)
6. MercyMe, American CCM pop-rock band (feature, Christ in the Center issue, June-July 05)
7. Rachael Lampa, Fil-American CCM singer/songwriter (feature, Christ in the Center issue, June-July 05)

God is good! Tell your Christian celebrity-friends about us, and we'll get in touch with them if they're game! :D

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The one with the restaurant that'll haunt us forever

I fetched Catherine at around 720 last night, and she and I were starved, so we decided to go to Glorietta. After weighing all options, Cathy mentioned this place called Moo Moo Paradise, which she said was featured on TV as a high-protein place, perfect for folks on Atkins and South Beach. "Let's go!" I said.

For all y'all non-Filipinos, Moo Moo is literally that in context - two sounds uttered by a cow. However, in the Filipino language, Moo Moo means "ghost." I guess the Jap-Korean owners of the restaurant didn't consider that when they named the place, and I can tell you as early as now that these folks are in trouble.

We ordered the Moo Moo set course, which consisted of grilled beef (medium well, as Cathy likes it), gyu tofu (spicy beef and tofu medley), egg soup, kani salad (crabmeat salad), and ice cream. While the meat was okay and the tofu was delightful, everything else fell embarrassingly flat, especially the tasteless egg soup and the kani-less salad. The service was good, but what took the cake and made us swear never to return was when a waiter, in cleaning the table of our used dishes, took the table napkin Cathy had been using (stained with, well, oil and other gunk), and wiped the table with it. Our jaws dropped to the floor as we saw the table shine with Cathy's DNA. Ewww.

Never to return. The Moo Moo, however, continues to haunt us.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The one with Athletes in Action

The Philippines has a funny way of reducing traffic, inappropriately yet popularly called "color coding." It's actually a number system that forces you to remain off the road from 7-10am and 3-7pm on Mondays if your license plate ends with 1 or 2, Tuesdays if your license plate ends with 3 or 4, and so on.

Today, Monday, my car is coded, because it ends with a 1 (our actual license plate is XEX-341, which is a horrific license plate if you're Christian, because it sounds like you're offering a threesome of carnal services at a discounted rate, and that's a whoooooole other story). As a result, all meetings scheduled today required my going there via public transportation. This wouldn't be a problem if I weren't so damn fat (I'm working on that, though).

I met with wackymathay of PinoyExchange.com, who introduced me to several people from Campus Crusaders for Christ (the La Salle Manila chapter of which I had met a few weeks earlier). The intention was to meet with Athletes in Action, the first youth organization to be featured in the magazine's Outta Sight Org feature.

Not only did I meet with them, but their bookstore consigned 150 copies! God is extremely good!

The one with the weight loss

So I've gone to Slimmer's World Pasay Road approximately five times in the past two weeks. They have this "Buy-One, Take-One" promo that calls for P16,000 for two years, or two people can pay P8,000 each for a year apiece. The latter option appealed to me and Abby, one of my churchmates, so we went for it and I started slogging away at burning my fat.

After approximately two weeks, the combination of the rigorous training program developed by those Nazi bodybuilding freaks and the innate evil of an intensified South Beach diet have resulted in a net weight loss of ten pounds.

I love this plan!

Seriously though, working towards this goal is extremely difficult, owing to 1) my horrifyingly sedentary lifestyle; and 2) my desire for all things salty and sweet. However, the work we've been doing for LIVEtheLIFE has found me frequently on the road, away from much sugary and salty temptation... ergo, Weight Loss City. here's hoping.

The one with the LIVEtheLIFE Launch, Nov 27!

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine, the country's first glossy Christian magazine for teens and young adults, is proud to announce a soft launch for its debut issue, out November 27, Saturday!
On November 27, 1230pm, popular pop-rock singer and LIVEtheLIFE debut issue cover feature subject Kitchie Nadal will have a meet and greet at Shepherd's Staff Bookstore in Greenbelt 1 (across Tokyo Tokyo, near Delifrance and O Music Store).

Kitchie will sing four songs from her debut CD, including her current radio smash "Wag na Wag Mo Nang Sabihin" and Christian original "You Are Worthy." Buy a copy of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine at only P85, and get a chance to win books from Shepherd's Staff, a copy of Kitchie's new CD, "Kitchie Nadal," and a gift certificate for Avia performance footwear worth P3,000!

Kitchie will sign CDs and magazine covers. Don't miss this unique two-in-one opportunity to get the collector's edition first issue of LIVEtheLIFE, the first Christian glossy magazine for teens and young adults and have it signed by Kitchie herself!

Also on November 27: Listen to Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3 as LIVEtheLIFE brings you some of the coolest, life-affirming music from Kitchie Nadal and others!

Check out www.PinoyExchange.com as LIVEtheLIFE's Realm of Thought goes online with thought-provoking discussion!

Fight fire with fire on November 27! Help bring this nation back to God!

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Prov 29:18

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine. Relevant reading for the lifestyle with purpose.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The one with thoughts on the Bush victory

The residents of my home met the victory of George W. Bush with varied responses. My mother and grandmother, solid Republicans, cheered, laughed, danced, and cried. ("Congratulations are in order, mother," my mother rejoiced gleefully.) Meanwhile, Cathy and I sat dejected on our bed, wondering what went wrong with the Kerry campaign.

Thousands of miles away from the American mainland (or even Hawaii), we are not even specks of dust on the American political landscape, but there are many repercussions that come with a Bush victory that send eerie chills down my spine. The largest of all, naturally, is what may happen to the Filipino-American relationship given our pullout of troops from Iraq a few months earlier to save a Filipino hostage, who was freed after the pullout (hey, terrorists can keep their word!). No matter how staunchly Philippine President Gloria Arroyo defends her loyalty to Uncle Sam and Dubya, how the President-elect will treat Ms Arroyo and our nation hangs up in the air. The general feeling in Manila is standard: Mr. Bush holds a grudge against our tiny island nation for pulling out our 55 troops.

That's right, 55. And the nation wonders: will Mr. Bush hold the country in spite? Will he continue to treat the Philippines fairly (the word "fairly," of course, open to definition)? What have we to defend ourselves if and when the honorable gentleman from Texas decides to sever ties with the only predominantly Jesus-believing nation in Asia?

Mr. Bush's Christian ethics and values may have been lifted to high heavens so much during the campaign that even Saint Peter himself would have agreed in principle that the President-elect stood on firm ground for the wedge issues that America found itself weighing upon in the deliberation of whom to vote for president (gay marriage, stem cell research, terrorism). However, there is no black and white in politics, and Kerry's flipflop attitude mayn't have won him many votes, but I still think that Mr. Bush did not make the world a safer place when he chose force as the only available solution to Iraq's woes. The WMD's have still not been found, just like Osama Bin Laden, Bigfoot, and Nessie. Take your pick of which among the four are not figment's of man's fertile imagination.

There is a difference between indifference and showing love through force, and my blog is not the place to debate such differences. These are, after all, just my thoughts, with no impact whatsoever on the millions of Americans who continue to live their lives, peacefully unaware of how America impacts the rest of the world, and blissfully ignorant of what kind of signals they send out when they re-elect a president who, apparently, is not held in high regard by a number of countries. Will it ease world tension, or bring us closer to the Apocalypse?

Dubya has his work cut out for him. He must truly work to bring back the international community's respect of America. In this regard, I pray for him, because peace on earth can be possible, and with a Christian like Bush at the helm, the traveling will be difficult but doable.

Update: I may have some visitors coming over from Bene Diction. Thanks to my esteemed friend and Christian Blogger of the Year for the heads-up (I'm smart and sassy? Wow, best compliment all year!), and welcome to all new visitors. Not the best post for you to read for your first time, but welcome, y'all. May God bless you immensely.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The one with the final cover

This is the final cover of the debut issue of LIVEtheLIFE. Man, I've been so hard at work on this, I haven't had time to blog about anything else!

Wanna help us out? Please feel free to paste the LIVEtheLIFE cover on your blog or website to promote its November 27 release. Thanks!

Congratulations, President-elect George W. Bush. Stand by your Christian principles, man! We will pray for you.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The one with the call to spread the word on LIVEtheLIFE

As some of you know), I quit my academic job in May to pursue what I believe to be a higher calling - the production of print media that is envisioned to play some role in bringing teens to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. There is a severe lack of encouraging, life-affirming, nation-building literature among local magazines today - Kerygma and Fish are stellar examples of Christian lit - and we cannot deny this affects the spiritual and emotional growth of our youth.

We Filipinos who have the resources to make a difference in the lives of our fellow Filipinos have the duty to be the best we can be, and offer our lives as offerings to God, that He may use us to win people and change lives for His glory.

I have taken this challenge in my own unique way, and I humbly call upon you to help me in this endeavor. Please spread the word among your friends and family that on November 27, 2004, Saturday, we, the people who stand for virtue in print media, fight fire with fire, with the debut release of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine, relevant reading for the lifestyle with purpose. Please review the following release for more
information on the magazine.

When we sing in church of "coming back to the heart of worship," when we sing, "it's all about You, Jesus," that's what it's all about. This is our humble way of
doing what we can to make our nation a better place, our way of offering ourselves up ad majorem Dei gloriam. I pray you can join us in this endeavor by spreading the word and buying a copy of the magazine on November 27.

May God bless you in everything you do.

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine, the country's first glossy Christian magazine for teens and young adults, hits magazine stands November 27, Saturday!

Power-packed with 56 pages of cool Christian content, LIVEtheLIFE Magazine's debut issue includes:

Kitchie Kitchie Cool - Get into the head of Kitchie Nadal! We're giving away her autographed CD with your name on it!

Overcoming Failure - Get over your failed exams, your ex, and not making the varsity!

Catchin' Tha Spirit - Kanye West, Mase, Michelle Williams, and other American hiphop stars on their faith!

Waaay Above the Rim - The Christ-centered lives of NBA superstars David Robinson, Allan Houston, Derek Fisher, and Richard Jefferson speak for themselves!

Bloggerhythm - We spotlight three outstanding Christian teen bloggers!

Who Doesn't Know Jack? - The pros and cons of masturbation!

Survivor - We feature Maybelle Ti, breast cancer survivor!

Teen Titan - Get to know Stephanie Sol, Ms Teen Philippines 2004

Soapbox - Sonni Viudez on God's sense of humor and Tina Matanguihan on dorm life

Slim4Him - lose weight Biblically!

Manna - great news, Godly views

Citrus - Cut out encouraging Bible cards for your loved ones!

We Like - Write in to tell us about your favorite product!

His Story - comic strip by Ariel Atienza

And more features!

Listen to Wave 89.1 and Jam 88.3 as LIVEtheLIFE brings you some of the coolest, life-
affirming music from Kitchie Nadal and others!

Check out www.PinoyExchange.com as LIVEtheLIFE's Realm of Thought goes online with
thought-provoking discussion!

Visit www.livethelifemag.com for cool desktops and other cool online freebies!

Fight fire with fire on November 27! Help bring this nation back to God!

"Where there is no vision, the people perish." - Prov 29:18

---from superblessed media---

We at Superblessed Media invite and encourage youth groups, churches and schools to make LIVEtheLIFE part of their habit. With advice based on the Word of God, left-of-center design, and features that are both interesting yet godly, LIVEtheLIFE can help affirm the values you work so hard to inculcate in your youth. Contact
superblessed@gmail.com or text 09209073962 for [discounted] subscription and distribution inquiries.

LIVEtheLIFE Magazine. Relevant reading for the lifestyle with purpose.