Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The one where I return to the studio

Last night, I began the first of what hopefully will be three nights of recording to produce another series of demos. Having been out of the studio for more than a year, I must admit I was a little rusty, and the first song I elected to record, It's Not Easy, a secular track about trying to move on after a breakup, was probably not the best lead-off choice. I had a hard time with the low key, and the tempo I chose was a little too slow for the vision I had for the track. Whatever southern-rock ideas I had for It's Not Easy, a la Train, Daniel Powter, or Hootie and the Blowfish, disappeared in a hodgepodge of what I can only describe as second-rate Backstreet Boys.

Let's face it, I don't have a growly man-voice, and I don't think I ever will. LOL

Maybe it's just me, but I find it getting more difficult to write 'regular' songs now. I certainly hope it isn't an indication of anything snooty, but praise and worship songs just come out of me so much easier. The track list I determined over the course of last week for recording shows this: I have only two 'regular' songs in the list, compared to five worship tracks.

1. It's Not Easy [secular]
2. Incomparable [worship]
3. Heaven and earth [worship]
4. I Rely on You [worship]
5. I Desire [worship]
6. My Heart Will Trust [worship]
7. Chasing Stars [secular]

The men of Sound Weavers, the new digital recording studio in Makati City I discovered, made it really comfortable and easy to record, though. I love this studio. Hopefully, within the next two weeks, I'll have something new up.

The one with the first French Open 2006 blog

I'm eagerly watching French Open news, following Martina Hingis as she tries to win the only Grand Slam tournament she hasn't won. I am always thrilled when I log onto Yahoo! Sports to see a Hingis win, and today didn't disappoint, as Martina Hingis dispatched veteran Lisa Raymond, 6-2, 6-2.

Even more happily for me, her half of the draw was split wide open when red-hot Russian Nadia Petrova suddenly turned cold and lost in a first-round shocker to unheralded Japanese Akiko Morigami, 6-2, 6-2. While Hingis didn't appear scheduled to meet Petrova until the semifinals, this certainly makes her journey a lot easier. At this rate, the only major stumbling blocks to a Hingis victory appear to be deadly Justin Henin-Hardenne (whose consistency on clay and mental fortitude are certainly up and up better than the testy Hingis, who, while she has shown considerable mental improvement, has yet to undergo a major Grand Slam since her comeback); unheralded Shahar Peer, who won the Istanbul Cup, beating Anna-Lena Groenfeld and Anastacia Myskina on the way; and Kim Clijsters, who, while not in the best of shape, did still beat her at the quarterfinals of the Australian Open. I wouldn't worry about Hingis-Williams (Venus isn't at her best), Hingis-Mauresmo (Amelie hasn't historically performed well at the French), Hingis-Sharapova (Maria's injured) and Hingis-Safina (Hingis beat her twice in the two times they met). She can take 'em down!

Monday, May 29, 2006

The one with the recording studio in Makati

After much searching for a recording studio in Makati, I've finally found a Makati recording studio I can use! Praise God! Hahaha!

The name of the Makati recording studio is SoundWeavers. Located at Unit 3301 Cityland Pasong Tamo Tower,Don Chino Roces Ave., Makati City, right in front of Don Bosco and beside WalterMart, where parking is ample, this recording studio in Makati is swee-heeet!

Sound Weavers' studio equipment is topnotch, including Peavy Predator strat style electric guitar, Yamaha guitar amplifier, Fender Blues Deluxe guitar amp, Morley Wah, Boss DS1, Guitar POD, Warwick Corvette bass guitar, SansAmp Bass DI, Aphex Bass Xciter, Bass POD, Trace Elliot bass amp, Gallien Kruger bass amp & speakers, Pearl ELX drum set with Sabian Pro Sonix cymbals. All digital recording, all updated software (legit, FYI).

Best part? Sound Weavers recording studio in Makati charges only Php900 per hour for the main studio (P7,500 per 10-hour day), and the rates include the use of the instruments! You can't get value like that for a Makati recording studio for P900 an hour, come on!

Within the next two weeks, I hope to upload a bunch of new worship songs that I (intend to) record at Sound Weavers. I'm sure I'll be happy with the results. Booyah!

You can call Sound Weavers at 7295243. Look for Monmon, Neil or Gerry. Tell 'em Ganns sent you, because I'm so pleased with the place.

Friday, May 26, 2006

The one with the lyrics of My Destiny by Katharine McPhee

Looking for the lyrics to My Destiny by Katharine McPhee, sung at the American Idol 2006 finale? Look no further.

From the season finale of American Idol 2006

I have always dreamed of this
I'll admit that there was something I missed
Wondering if it is for real
Every mistake Every wrong turn
Everytime I lost my way
Led me to this moment of bliss tonight

With you
Finally I can break free
With you
It's all changing in my destiny
Dream come true
It's so funny now that I see
How different life turned to be

You were always by my side
That you believed in me was enough reason why
I didn't stop
Didn't give up
Even if sometimes I lost hope
I did my best
And I am blessed in life

With you
Finally I can break free
With you
It's all changing in my destiny
Dream come true
It's so funny now that I see
How different life turned to be

Can I get any higher?
Tell me
Does it get any stronger?
I owe it to you that I made it through
I never could have done it without you

With you
Finally I can break free
(I can break free, yeah)
With you
It's all changing in my destiny
Dream come true
It's so funny now that I see
How different life turned to be

With you
Finally I can break free
(Oh, cause of you)
With you
It's all changing in my destiny
Dream come true
It's so funny now that I see
I've realized that it's my destiny

There you go! Lyrics to Katherine McPhee's My Destiny, off the finale of American Idol 2006.

The one with the lyrics to Taylor Hicks' Do I Make You Proud

Looking for the lyrics to Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks, sung at the American Idol 2006 finale? Look no further.

From the season finale of American Idol 2006

I've never been the one to raise my hand
That was not me
And now that's who I am
Because of you
I am standing tall

My heart is full of endless gratitude
You were the one
The one to guide me through
Now I can see
And I believe it's only just beginning

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
is Do I make you proud?
Stronger than I've ever been now
Never been afraid of standing out
But do I make you proud?

Everybody needs to rise up
Everybody needs to be loved
To be loved

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
is do I make you
Do I make you proud?

This is what we dream about
But the only question with me now
(Ain't no question is)
is Do I make you proud
Stronger than I've ever been now
Never been afraid of standing out
Do I make you proud?
Do I make you proud?

There you go! Lyrics to Taylor Hicks' Do I Make You Proud, off the finale of American Idol 2006.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The one with the rare Deborah "Debbie" Gibson videos

As the Superblessed regulars know, the first thing my wife Cathy and I had in common was a love for most things Deborah "Debbie" Gibson, a popular teen singer back in the 80s. Her career lasted approximately five years, starting in the mid-80s and fizzling out sometime in 1992.

What some people don't know is that she produced some of her better (sexier) work after then. Here are some videos to view; tell us what you think.









Of course, we need the classics! Debbie Gibson's videos Electric Youth! Only in my Dreams! LOL







The one with the American Idol 2006 winner

There's a spoiler a-comin'.

Who won American Idol 2006? Taylor Hicks, on the left, or Katharine McPhee, on the right?

With my wife Catherine watching at home, after two hours of American Idol music featuring Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee, Elliot Yamin, Chris Daughtry, Paris Bennett, Kellie Pickler, Ace Young, Bucky Covington, Mandisa, Lisa Tucker, Kevin Covais, and Melissa McGhee, as well as musical guests Prince, Meatloaf (!), Toni Braxton, and Mary J. Blige, among others, and a special parents' award for Claudette Yamin (YOU ROCK, CLAUDETTE!), the winner of American Idol 2006 was crowned. Who won American Idol 2006? Did Taylor Hicks win American Idol, or did Katharine McPhee win American Idol?

Enough long, drawn-out speeches. The winner of American Idol 2006 is the gentleman on the left. Congratulations.
The gentleman on the left. ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The one with some funny home videos

Funny videos of women

Funny videos of people getting scared

Funny videos of people slipping

American Idol 2006 Recap: Finals Night

I agree with Rickey: the worst Finals Night ever.

At least we can look forward to Elliot Yamin's Moody's Mood for Love and Mandisa's I'm Every Woman on this stellar compilation CD.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The one where I'm tagged Part 2

Maan tagged me. This one's titled Ten Simple Pleasures.

Instructions: Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like the most, then pick ten people to do the same. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1) Playtime with Nathan and Cathy
2) Chicken Nuggets and Twister Fries
3) Singing harmonies with the Victory Fort choir
4) Writing songs for God
5) Cooking with Cathy
6) Gaining a pound then losing two
7) Marathons: Blues Clues; Go Diego Go; Golden Girls, and Friends
8) Sitting on the deck watching the clouds and imagining shapes
9) Reading a good comedic book
10) Blogging :)

Tagging: Forg Files, Reia, Not Square, Anj, Abby, Candice, Vida, Toni, Jax, and Jay.

The one where I'm tagged Part 1

Toni tags me, so here we go.

Instructions: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom slot, like so.

1) Seeking Solace
2) Kiss My Mike
3) Micerridwen
4) Wifely Steps
5) Superblessed

Next select five people to tag:

1) Arthur
2) Noelle
3) Jay
4) Candice
5) Abby

And now the questions…

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was a college junior, singing with an R&B group and struggling through Literary Criticism.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
According to my blog, I won a Valentine's blowout for Cathy from the Philippine Daily Inquirer's 2BU.

Five snacks you enjoy:
1) Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles
2) Jack n' Jill Tostillas
3) Sugarhouse Turtle Pie
4) Mr. Chips
5) Tazza's Madeleine [this is spectacular! You should try this!]

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics:
1) Hold On by Wilson Phillips
2) Galileo by Indigo Girls
3) The Glory by Avalon
4) Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
5) Tea and Sympathy by Jars of Clay

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1) Give at least 10% to the church
2) Start a scholarship fund
3) Take Cathy on a trip to Paris (the Louvre!)
4) Go to Egypt to see the mummies (hey, it's my money!)
5) Go on a dinosaur excavation (hey, it's my money!)

Five bad habits:
1) Sugar after every meal
2) Displaced aggression
3) Multitasking (I think this can be a bad habit if not at the right place and time)
4) I can't stop talking!
5) Procrastination.

Five things you like doing:
1) Blogging.
2) Cooking with Cathy
3) Playing with Nathan
4) Writing songs
5) Reading books

Five things you would never wear again:
1) Basketball jerseys with fishnet sides
2) Mousse
3) White socks under black pants
4) Boxers in public (Don't ask.)
5) Leather jackets (It's just not me.)

Five favorite toys:
1) My PC
2) My keyboard
3) Lego
4) Those plastic kitchens where you pretend to cook
5) He-Man!!

Friday, May 19, 2006

The one with the Katherine McPhee video of Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Looking for the video of Katherine McPhee's Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Look no further.

Tada! The video of Katharine McPhee's Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

The one wondering whether Elliot Yamin's mother has cancer

A discussion on has some people hinting at Claudette Yamin, the mother of American Idol 3rd placer Elliot Yamin, having cancer. While some say the elderly Yamin's hair, reference to hospital visits, and general countenance, all point to Mrs. Yamin's fighting the dreaded disease, it has not been confirmed by either American Idol or Yamin's camp and family.

Cathy said Yamin's lackluster performance on last night's American Idol clearly indicated something was up. "Something must have happened this past week," she said, defending her favorite finalist.

"Yeah," I agreed, "the passion he had last night doesn't seem to be there this week."

Is it perhaps because Elliot's mom is fighting cancer? Regardless, he did a wonderful job, he made his mother proud, and he deserves a long and storied career. If Elliot's mom indeed does have cancer, he knows he can rely on his millions of new friends to flood heaven with prayer.

Update: I've gotten some hits from Elliot fansites, claiming that Superblessed is spreading rumors about Claudette Yamin having cancer. Let me say for the record that this is absolutely not my intention nor my goal. We've been Elliot fans from the beginning and this post was written, if anything, to encourage people to pray for Claudette Yamin's health - regardless of its cause - and to praise her for being a wonderful mother to one of American Idol's greatest vocalists.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

American Idol 5: The Top 3

Welcome to American Idol's Top 3 night! With Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, and Elliot Yamin jockeying for positions in the Top 2, we're looking at an exciting race to the finish! Here's a recap of the music, and Superblessed's thoughts on who'll duke it out in the Final Two of American Idol!

Taylor Hicks' Songs: Dancing in the Dark, You Are So Beautiful and Try a Little Tenderness

Dancing in the Dark
Just like last week, Taylor Hicks opens the show, this time with the Bruce Springsteen chestbut Dancing in the Dark. I never liked this Dancing in the Dark, and even with the horns blaring in the background, Taylor and Springsteen just do not go together. The crowd loves the Hicks version of Dancing in the Dark, though, and Hicks' vocals are spot-on, not a single note out of place, so score points for Taylor Hicks on this one.
Song Choice: C
Vocal: B+

You Are So Beautiful
Joe Cocker's You Are So Beautiful receives the Hicks treatment, and Taylor Hicks' version of You Are So Beautiful is poignant and moving. I've heard many versions of You Are So Beautiful though, so I can't say that he brings anything new to the song. You Are So Beautiful does suit his voice and his vocals are almost impeccable, save for a flat "hoo" somewhere in the middle of You Are So Beautiful. I hate to admit it, but Taylor seems to have this competition sewn up.
Song Choice: A
Vocal: B+

Try a Little Tenderness
Otis Redding and Taylor Hicks. Who would've guessed? Taylor sings Otis Redding's Try a Little Tenderness, and knocks it out of the ballpark with his trademark shaking and what have you. An up-to-par vocal does not hurt Hicks' case, and unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on who you support, Hicks seems to have booked his place in the finals with Hicks' version of Try a Little Tenderness. Again, props for this song choice.
Song Choice: B+
Vocal: B+

Overall Performance: B+

Elliot Yamin' Songs: Open Arms, What You Won't Do For Love and I Believe To My Soul

Open Arms
Ugh. Elliot won a karaoke contest a few years back, and the choice of Open Arms is the ultimate in shmaltzy karaoke. I'm sorry, Elliot, that was Open Arms a good choice, not matter how much good you sound. Given that, forgetting your lyrics is criminal! This song does nothing for Elliot: the trademark vibrato only goes flat in several places, and his emotion-driven delivery plunges into oblivion after he forgets the chorus. Tsk. Elliot's nerves seem to be getting the better of him.
Song Choice: C
Vocal: B

What You Won't Do For Love
I thought, "ooh, good choice, Paula." I wanted so desperately for Elliot to knock this out of the ballpark. Elliot's version was - eh. Yamin tries every ad lib and vocal twist in the book, falling flat in the improvs, going sharp in places (sharp! I thought that was only Mandisa territory). The instrumentation wasn't particularly good, though, and the lack of excitement and passion that characterized last week's performance sealed Yamin's fate.
Song Choice: A
Vocal: B-

I Believe to My Soul
If you think Elliot Yamin is going to stand by and watch helplessly as Taylor Hicks take on Otis Redding, you've got another thought coming. Elliot takes on - bravely - Ray Charles! Yamin's version of I Believe to My Soul is amusing and spirited, although I question the suitability of Yamin's voice to Charles' I Believe to My Soul. He definitely brings more soul into this track than he does to the other two, but will he make it?
Song Choice: B+
Vocal: B

Overall Performance: B-

Katharine McPhee's Songs: I Believe I Can Fly, Over the Rainbow and I Believe To My Soul

I Believe I Can Fly
Ban R. Kelly songs from American Idol! With Katharine McPhee's version of I Believe I Can Fly, that makes 0 for 2 for Idol finalists who've taken on R. Kelly and done nothing with the song (remember Anwar Robinson's icky shmaltzy version of this track? Ugh.). Trying to give I Believe I Can Fly that diva take does not work for Catherine McPhee, and her high cat-pitched caterwaul just flies - no, scratches its claws - I Believe I Can Fly. Who do you think you are, Miss Thang? You ain't no Yolanda Adams.
Song Choice: C
Vocal: C

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Simon recommended Somewhere Over the Rainbow for one of the finalists in the British version of American Idol, and well, it looks like he was setting Katherine for a great performance. Was it? Well, that a capella intro was stunning. It's amazing how good Katherine McPhee can sound if she does not try to belt. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was stunning. Very good.
Song Choice: A
Vocal: B+

I've Got Nothing But the Blues
Ella Fitzgerald's I've Got Nothing But the Blues receives the Katharine McPhee treatment, and she ain't no Mandisa. While vocally, it's more than adequate, McPhee's I've Got Nothing But the Blues tries too much (just like Elliot's ), coming across more like a cheap version of Lady Ella . Sheesh, find your own spirit, McPhee.
Song Choice: B
Vocal: C

Overall Performance: C+

Ganns' Rankings: Taylor, Elliot, Katharine, with McPhee getting the boot
Ganns' Prediction: Look to a bottom two between Yamin and McPhee, with McPhee narrowly escaping the boot, resulting in an uproar of indignance and the most lopsided final in the history of American Idol

It's official. I finally got one prediction right. Who got voted out on American Idol? Elliot Yamin. Elliot is eliminated, Elliot is out. Who got eliminated on American Idol? Elliot Yamin. Booo.

Monday, May 15, 2006

The one where Avalon upsets me

It says "To read more, visit the "Members Only" section." WTHeck?

Okay, I was an Avalon fan. Have been since 2002. Got all the albums, ordered the DVD, the signed CDs, would order T-shirts if the peso-dollar exchange rate were a lot more favorable. I have all their albums save two (Maze of Grace wasn't locally available, and Testify To Love: the Very Best is irrelevant because I have all the albums plus Everything To Me and New Day). Heck, their signed CD covers are framed on my desk at work!

So what's going on with Avalon? First, Love Won't Leave You, a great Greg Long-led carrier single track, but when Jody and Janna are proven hitmakers, it's just meh. Then a mediocre album (second in a row!). Now the decision to make AvalonLive and paid membership websites, therefore cutting us poor people without dollars from the source?! We can't even get access to news anymore! Hello?!

Now, a new digital single will be available in a few weeks, according to their email newsletter, but, of course, we in the Philippines cannot download from any of the US sites (even if we have US$0.99!) because paid downloads only work for the United States.

Come, Jody, Janna, Greg, and Melissa. You're making it so darn hard for a fan! Considering MercyMe is actually looking for friends on their MySpace page, you'd think information on your favorite musicians would be easier to find, not harder.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

The one with Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there. You ladies rock our worlds.

Cathy, sweetheart, you're the best mother out there. Nathan and I are so lucky.

Mom, you'll never read this, but thank you for everything.

Nanay, you'll never read this too, but thank YOU for taking care of my Mom.

Dad, say "Hi" to Lola Conching for me.

Friday, May 12, 2006

The one with Baygon cockroach chalk

This is going to be a gross post, but I have to tell you all about Baygon cockroach chalk. I knew we had cockroaches in our kitchen, but I wasn't sure how many. So I buy a stick of Baygon cockroach chalk, and ask Nathan's nanny to, you know, Baygon cockroach chalk the door edges of our bathroom and kitchen floor to kill those awful pests.

Did I mention by the way that I am deathly terrified of roaches?

The next morning, I awoke to a bathroom filled with the bodies of 14 roaches. Wow. How's that for a testimonial for Baygon cockroach chalk?

The one with Cathy's cooking prowess

One of the greatest things about Cathy is that she loves to cook. It's a perfect partnership because I love to eat. :D Lately, we've been fooling around with our oven and a copy of Nigella Lawson's How to Be a Domestic Goddess, and Cathy is certainly living up to her reputation with me as an amazing cook and woman.

Over the weekend, Cathy made amazing dishes. She baked these dreamy carrot and cream cheese mini-cakes, which were moist and not-too-sweet, as well as delicious green peppers stuffed with creamy chicken. The winner, however, is her steamed asparagus with ham and cheese. Oh, heaven! I love my wife!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol Recap: Elvis Night

Welcome to American Idol's Elvis night, where The King (or at least his music) comes back to haunt us for a brief night. Here's a recap of the music that transpired under the “master hand” of producer, and Superblessed's thoughts on who's coming back to haunt us for another night of American Idol.

Taylor Hicks' Song Choices: Jailhouse Rock and In the Ghetto

Jailhouse Rock

Taylor opened the show with his version of Elvis' rock stomper, and unfortunately for Hicks, Jailhouse Rock is one of those iconic songs that no one is ever going to bring anything real to, in this day and age. Hicks does nothing for the song, and as Simon would put it, it's one of those wedding karaoke songs. You're never going to win critical acclaim for taking on Jailhouse Rock. However, Jailhouse Rock is one of the crowd pleasers that will undoubtedly win Hicks millions of votes. Judges and critics may scoff, but hey, Hicks is doing something right, right? Right.
Song Choice: D
Vocal: B

In the Ghetto
Hicks delivers well on his version of In the Ghetto. Going back to the soul for which he is known, Hicks delivers a heartfelt turn on In the Ghetto, showing a touch of emotion otherwise unseen in previous performances. Props for this song choice.
Song Choice: B+
Vocal: B+

Overall Performance: C+

Elliot Yamin' Song Choices: If I Can Dream and Trouble

If I Can Dream

Elliot's choice of If I Can Dream, a somewhat mediocre chestnut from the Presley catalog that dreams of peace and happy let's-get-along's, is a perplexing selection. While certainly a vocally challenging track that allows Yamin to show off his trademark vibrato and his emotion-driven delivery, If I Can Dream also highlights Yamin's weaknesses, which are a shaky high register and a pitchy low one. Ultimately, a somewhat unforgettable version of a forgettable song.
Song Choice: C+
Vocal: B+

If Elliot Yamin were looking for trouble, he certainly wasn't courting it with this version of Trouble. Markedly different from versions of both Presley's and earlier Idol champion Carrie Underwood, Elliot delivers a spunky, if somewhat desperate, turn on this rock and roll pleaser. Yamin's Trouble is both gutsy and indignant, with several vocal turns to please even the most discriminating Elvis critic. Sizzling.
Song Choice: B+
Vocal: A

Overall Performance: B+

Chris Daughtry's Song Choices: Suspicious Minds and A Little Less Conversation

Suspicious Minds

Chris Daughtry brings it on Suspicious Minds, putting his odd vibrato and rock-solid baritone to best use with Presley's #1 track. I'm actually pleased by this version, and the selection of Suspicious Minds shows that Daughtry's willing to go out on a limb every so often, and this is definitely not in his comfort zone. Brave, and he wins points for that.
Song Choice: A
Vocal: B

A Little Less Conversation
I'm sorry, but whenever I hear A Little Less Conversation, I think Jon Peter Lewis. LOL Seriously, not a bad version, but Daughtry brings nothing new to A Little Less Conversation. It's actually how eerie Daughtry sounds like The King, save for the last part of A Little Less Conversation where he screams twice, inexplicably, adding his own muddled, messed-up signature to A Little Less Conversation. In the world of American Idol, that amounts to one thing: karaoke. Ick.
Song Choice: C+
Vocal: C+

Overall Performance: B

Hound Dog/All Shook Up
When selecting from the Presley catalog, here's rule #2, Katharrine: don't pick Hound Dog. Whoops, too late. Katherine McPhee's version of Hound Dog/All Shook Up , while clever for its recall amongst voters, is simply too much for her, and it shows. McPhee runs out of steam halfway through the steam, and Katherine's vocal becomes pitchy and screechy. It's like McPhee pants perennially (kinda like a hound dog), and while it was pleasant watching her, she came across as a performer on some beauty pageant. Tsk.
Song Choice: C+
Vocal: C+

Can't Help Falling in Love
I was telling Cathy this morning, “please, Caths, don't tell me someone will pick this one.” Why? Rule #1? Don't do Can't Help Falling in Love. It's overdone, overused, and overrated. Unfortunately, McPhee's version of Can't Help Falling in Love does absolutely nothing for the song, except drag it down to the annals of mediocrity. McPhee may be hot, but she's no diva, and she flubs this one. Bad. I can't help feeling bad for her.
Song Choice: D
Vocal: C

Overall Performance: C

Ganns' Rankings: Elliot, Chris, Taylor, and Katharine, with McPhee getting the boot
Ganns' Prediction: Look to a bottom two between McPhee and Daughtry, with McPhee the most likely to get voted off

Who got voted off American Idol? Chris Daughtry! Gosh!

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The one with Philippine Idol Updates

I'm not one to plug, but look! Philippine Idol Updates! Informative, updated daily, and pretty in blue! Philippine Idol Updates claims it's the one-stop shop for Philippine Idol news, Philippine Idol reviews, and Philippine Idol information, pretty much everything you'll want to know about Philippine Idol, airing soon on ABC-5! Looking for news on Philippine Idol? Look no further! It's all there on Philippine Idol Updates!

Monday, May 08, 2006

The one with Philippine Idol

It looks like Philippine Idol's all set to blast off. I won't lie; I was very excited for Philippine Idol, and I was dying to audition for the Philippine Idol show, but it looks like I'm not going to even get a chance. Apparently you need to be 28 years old or younger to be part of Philippine Idol. American Idol's age limit is 30, but for Philippine Idol, it's 28. Bummer.

What are the odds I'd win Philippine Idol? Disgustingly small, infinitessimal, in fact. But the very essence of American Idol (and for that matter, Philippine Idol) is to live that dream to make music. I never got that chance, and Toti Wong will never get that chance, nor Julius Guevara, nor Art Diaz, nor Aan, nor a bunch of other great singers just because we missed the age cut. Sayang.

I will still watch Philippine Idol, though, and you can expect Superblessed to be one of the great sources of information for Philippine Idol. :) Just because I can't be on Philippine Idol doesn't mean I won't support Philippine Idol. Hopefully, the winner of Philippine Idol won't necessarily be some diva with a high voice - the world could use less screaming and more substance and style. Just my two cents.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The one with the Wilson Phillips "You're in Love" video

Fifteen years ago, You're in Love by Wilson Phillips topped the US charts. It was their last #1 hit. Here's the video of You're in Love from Wilson Phillips.

Friday, May 05, 2006

The one with the Katherine McPhee video of Big Black Horse in a Cherry Tree

Here's a video of Katharine McPhee singing Big Black Horse in a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall. Her best performance, in my opinion. This Big Black Horse in a Cherry Tree video by Katherine McPhee video was recorded from a television, so don't expect topnotch sound and image quality.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The one with the American Idol Spoiler for the week of May 1-5, 2006

It saddens me.

Paris Bennett is gone. :(

The one with the conversation with Dan Johnson

Hello, everyone!

I apologize for the delay in this podcast. Come and listen to my thoughts on:

* A conversation with Journey Inside My Mind's Dan Johnson
* American Idol's remaining five finalists
* Pinoy Big Brother
* Zimbabwe

Title: The one with a conversation with Dan Johnson
Length: 14:23
Format: WAV file
Download here or visit Ganns' Ourmedia page.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The one with the four Betty and Veronica tees from Kamiseta

Kamiseta, a popular Philippine boutique, seems to have lined up another ace up its fashionable sleeve. A huge Kamiseta billboard on EDSA (near Guadalupe, alongside the Pasig River) features Betty and Veronica of the hugely popular Archie Comics with the tagline "Are you a Betty or a Veronica?"

The official Kamiseta website now displays four designs:

Kamiseta Betty

Kamiseta Veronica

Kamiseta Jughead Shake

Kamiseta Jughead Burger

I'm a little disappointed. These Kamiseta designs look very generic and not very attractive. And some questions do tend to arise? If this is a Betty and Veronica campaign for Kamiseta, why are there two Jughead designs (both, strangely enough, with beads and rhinestones)? Why does Betty - the simple poor girl - get the rhinestone top and Veronica, the rich girl, no beads or rhinestones at all?

I'm no fashion expert, but I'm a comic book junkie, and this is not how I envisioned the Kamiseta campaign. It's a bit of a letdown. What do you think?

The one with Nathan's sweet greeting

Last night, coming home from work, I took off my shoes in the living room while Cathy went upstairs to greet Nathan before he went to bed. I then heard Nathan say:

"Daddy, way ah yoo?"

My heart just melted! That was the first time he's said that!

The one calling you to support kids with cancer

103 Filipinos die of cancer every day; my very own brother, Freddie Deen, died of it just two years ago. It is the third-biggest killer of Filipinos, and one of this world's scourges.

The Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. is a foundation driven by the conviction that cancer can be beaten if detected early and given proper management and care, its victim armed with the unwavering faith that God will make a way. Founded by a classmate of mine, James Auste, who survived a rare form of brain cancer, the Cancer Warriors Foundation envisions no Filipino child suffering a diminished quality of life because of cancer.

The Cancer Warriors Foundation is a living tribute to the passion caring and courageous spirit of young people. It is essentially a volunteer network of young people who have committed and are freely sharing their time, skills and resources to advance the fight against childhood cancers and to assist in the treatment and care of poor and disadvantaged kids stricken with cancer.

Support the Cancer Warriors Foundation Gold Ribbon Magnet campaign!
The Cancer Warriors Foundation is now in its third round of Gold Ribbon Magnet campaigns. It is looking for people of influence to help support the drive: celebrities and personalities, athletes, politicians, media people, and of course, people like you and me, without the fame, but with hearts just as big that go out to children who deserve a cancer-free life.

What can I do?
Stick a Gold Ribbon Magnet to your car!
Simply secure a gold ribbon magnet from the Cancer Warriors Foundation for P100 (that P100 can make a different in a child's life. It's one Jollibee meal, less than the price of one movie ticket. Come on!) and attach/place the ribbon to the side of your car, refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface. Take a picture and disseminate this photo to friends and family. Your simple act of placing this ribbon is more than symbolic - it can save the life of a kid with cancer!

Tell people about it!
I appeal to all bloggers, please help the Cancer Warriors Foundation Gold Ribbon Magnet campaign by posting similar blog entries encouraging your visitors to purchase and stick on Gold Ribbon Magnets on your blogs.

Tell your friends, your parents, co-workers, youth group, small or cell group mates, officemates, that friendly bank teller... no person is too high, no group too unreachable. If you know celebrities, please get photos of them sticking the magnet to their car - the impact will be substantial, and the children with cancer will be thrilled.

How to Get the Gold Ribbon Magnets
Please visit the Cancer Warriors Foundation website for more information on how to get the ribbons, or get in touch directly with James through his email (

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I like my new glasses!

Bwack wetwoe gwasses! Niiiiiiice! Tinkyu, Daddy!

The one with the Barlowgirl "I Need You to Love Me" video

My current #1 single on the Top 20 Singles and Tracks is BarlowGirl's I Need You to Love Me. It's the first female single to top the chart this year, and I can't stop praising God for how believer music continues to minister to me. Take a look. :)

Off the album Another Journal Entry

Why? Why are you still here with me?
Didn’t you see what I’ve done?
In my shame I want to run,
And hide myself.
Yeah, but it’s here I see the truth,
I don’t deserve you.

But I need you to love me,
And I, I won’t keep my heart from you this time.
And I’ll stop this pretending that I can,
Somehow deserve what I already have
I need you to love me

I, I have wasted so much time
Pushing you away from me.
I just never saw how you
Could cherish me.

Cause you’re a God who has all things,
And still you want me.

And I need you to love me,
And I, I won’t keep my heart from you this time.
And I’ll stop this pretending that I can,
Somehow deserve what I already have
Yeah, ye-ea-eah

Your love makes me forget what I have been.
Your love makes me see who I really am.
Your love makes me forget what I have been, oh-oh.

And I need you to love me, yeah
I need you to love me, ye-ea-eah!
And I’ll stop this pretending that I can,
Somehow deserve what I already have
Somehow deserve what I already have
I need you to love me, yeah
I need you to…
oh oh oh oh eo (x4)
Love me, love me, yah

The one with the Mrs. World 2006 semifinalist finish

Maricarl Tolosa-Cabel, former Bb. Pilipinas-International 2001, landed in the semi-finals of the 2006 Mrs. World competition, missing the Top 3 but performing well in a competition marred by charges of favoritism and unfair competition.

Tolosa-Cabel finished in the Top 10 of the Mrs. World 2006 beauty pageant, held at the 4,000-seat Oktyabrskaya Theater in St. Petersburg in Russia, losing to eventual winner
Sofia Arzhakovstaya, who claimed the title after it was mistakenly awarded to first-runner-up Andrea Bermudez-Romero from Costa Rica.

Looking for more information on Maricarl Tolosa-Cabel? Click here and here to see pictures of Maricarl Tolosa-Cabel. Click here or here to read about her semifinal finish in the Mrs. World 2006 beauty pageant.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The one with the Katherine McPhee video of "I Have Nothing"

Here's a video of Katharine McPhee's godawful I Have Nothing during Love Songs night. While I have nothing against Katherine McPhee, we're getting a lot of hits for Katherine McPhee video, so I'm just pleasing all y'all. ;)