Monday, May 15, 2006

The one where Avalon upsets me

It says "To read more, visit the "Members Only" section." WTHeck?

Okay, I was an Avalon fan. Have been since 2002. Got all the albums, ordered the DVD, the signed CDs, would order T-shirts if the peso-dollar exchange rate were a lot more favorable. I have all their albums save two (Maze of Grace wasn't locally available, and Testify To Love: the Very Best is irrelevant because I have all the albums plus Everything To Me and New Day). Heck, their signed CD covers are framed on my desk at work!

So what's going on with Avalon? First, Love Won't Leave You, a great Greg Long-led carrier single track, but when Jody and Janna are proven hitmakers, it's just meh. Then a mediocre album (second in a row!). Now the decision to make AvalonLive and paid membership websites, therefore cutting us poor people without dollars from the source?! We can't even get access to news anymore! Hello?!

Now, a new digital single will be available in a few weeks, according to their email newsletter, but, of course, we in the Philippines cannot download from any of the US sites (even if we have US$0.99!) because paid downloads only work for the United States.

Come, Jody, Janna, Greg, and Melissa. You're making it so darn hard for a fan! Considering MercyMe is actually looking for friends on their MySpace page, you'd think information on your favorite musicians would be easier to find, not harder.

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