Monday, May 08, 2006

The one with Philippine Idol

It looks like Philippine Idol's all set to blast off. I won't lie; I was very excited for Philippine Idol, and I was dying to audition for the Philippine Idol show, but it looks like I'm not going to even get a chance. Apparently you need to be 28 years old or younger to be part of Philippine Idol. American Idol's age limit is 30, but for Philippine Idol, it's 28. Bummer.

What are the odds I'd win Philippine Idol? Disgustingly small, infinitessimal, in fact. But the very essence of American Idol (and for that matter, Philippine Idol) is to live that dream to make music. I never got that chance, and Toti Wong will never get that chance, nor Julius Guevara, nor Art Diaz, nor Aan, nor a bunch of other great singers just because we missed the age cut. Sayang.

I will still watch Philippine Idol, though, and you can expect Superblessed to be one of the great sources of information for Philippine Idol. :) Just because I can't be on Philippine Idol doesn't mean I won't support Philippine Idol. Hopefully, the winner of Philippine Idol won't necessarily be some diva with a high voice - the world could use less screaming and more substance and style. Just my two cents.

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