Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's just a car

Last Thursday night, on the way home from work, a truck rammed my Hyundai Getz. I wasn't hurt, but the left passenger side of my car was damaged. I spent about two hours at the local police station trying desperately to communicate with the traffic enforcers, due to my fractured Tagalog, and by the time I returned home, it was almost 1:00am.

My wife's first words? "It's just a car." I'm so privileged that my wife knows her priorities. I'm safe. God protected me. That's all that matters.

Listening to: Hawk Nelson Crazy Love

Monday, October 11, 2010

I wanna sink my teeth into it

My job at the Greenhills church where I work is so juicy, I can't wait to sink my teeth into it! lol

Last night, I addressed the leaders of Victory Greenhills in a five-minute segment the pastors gave me (and fellow newbie Rica Monzon, who is the Discipleship Ministry admin). During that time, I gave just one major point: A Victory Greenhills volunteer is a happy volunteer. (Taking that from Serve the Lord with gladness. - Ps 100:2a)

We are more than just volunteers. We are sons or daughters, we are husbands or wives, we are friends, we are family, we are so many things. However, above and beyond that, we are children of the God Most High, and we are loved. When we realize that, how easy it is to take joy and pleasure in serving God to the fullest. I'm privileged to be in full-time ministry, but I'm equally privileged to be the one assigned to ensuring those who aren't in full-time ministry continue to enjoy their service of God in our church.

Honor God. Make disciples. Have a heckuva lot of fun doing so. That's my new motto.

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Friday, October 08, 2010

Wednesday is the New Sunday

I led worship at the Wednesday service of Victory Greenhills, the church in Greenhills with whom I now labor for Christ. It was my first time to visit the premises, and to lead there was, honestly, fun. I love worshiping God in any place, but Teatrino in particular was a blast and a half.

For starters, the venue itself is tiny and intimate. Teatrino's dinner-theater-type setup makes for a closer experience with the pastor and the congregation. The sound system is superb, and the musicians with whom I worked last weekend were terrific. I'm looking forward to next week, when we're going to do even more amazing things in the Name of Jesus, by the grace of our Father.

I didn't think worshiping on Wednesdays would be half as exciting as it is now! Teatrino's the place to be, baby! It's an exciting time!

Listening to: Jason Castro You Are

Sunday, October 03, 2010

The first Sunday

It's my first Sunday at the church in Greenhills where I now work, and I gotta tell you, I am psyched. I just set up my table, and it looks nice and clean. (Enjoy it while you have it, because in the next few days, it's gonna get messy.) There are two holes in the wall that are bothering me beyond belief, but I'll get over 'em. I just gotta figure out the right thing to do to cover 'em.

In a few minutes, I'll head on over to Music Museum and arrange to meet with the music ministry. (I understand Charles is leading today, which is exciting. I love how that young man worships.) Then I'll spend the first service with Tech then the second service with Stage Management.

I'm listing things down and enjoying the relatively light day because this is as good as it gets. From here, it's going to get progressively harder, but that's when we rely on God the most, and it's gonna be awesome.