Thursday, June 30, 2005

Woohoo! New album, and you can download the single at Walmart! Woohoo!

The one with the thanks

I thank God for:
1) My beautiful and understanding wife. Not too many women would put up with a husband who takes forever to decide what it is he'd like to do, but Cathy has supported every decision I've made with Godly love and patience. I pray she be superblessed for everything she's done.
2) My intelligent and effervescent baby boy. Nathan won't stop talking, running, and laughing. Sure, he's getting to that age where he's starting to get picky with his food, and his personality's rapidly building up towards breaking point, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My son is healthy, good-looking, and a joy whichever way you put it.
3) My church. No matter which way you look at it, this church loves me in Christ-centered fashion. When my dad died, they visited and even helped out a little financially. God's love made tangible and manifest. Praise God for them.
4) Music. My music and the music made by musicians across the world keeps me sane.
5) Potential jobs. No announcements until everything is final, but God has sent ways and means to keep my family afloat until I launch everything intended to bring glory to His name.

God, You're so good to me. Thank you so much. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for sending Your Son to die on that cross for me. Thank you for never leaving my side, even if I've been such an a**. Grabeh, Lord, thank You.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

The one where Nathan's all smeared

He loves chocolate almond brownie ice cream!

The one where Carrie does it

With her debut at #1 with Inside Your Heaven, Carrie Underwood becomes the third American Idol season winner to enter the Billboard Hot 100 at #1. The other two were initial season champ Kelly Clarkson (A Moment Like This) and third season winner Fantasia Barrino (Believe). The only hiccup? Velvet soul teddy bear and season two winner Ruben Studdard could only manage a #2 entry with Flying Without Wings, when Clay Aiken pipped him to debut at #1 with This Is The Night.

As Fred Bronson points out in his online version of Chart Beat, a record will most likely be set next week, when Underwood's runner-up, Bo Bice, releases his version of Inside Your Heaven. Most likely, Bice will debut at #1, making it the first time since the Hot 100 was introduced in 1958, that a song was replaced at #1 by the same song, albeit a different version by a different artist. How exciting!

Meanwhile, one of my current worship tracks, Miracle by John David Webster, is #12 with a bullet on the Christian Singles chart. Give this track a listen, it's awesome.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

The one that thanks God for Michael

I saved up enough money to purchase myself the following:

Michael W. Smith's Healing Rain

I have found music helps me in too many ways, and Mr. Smith has seen me through troubled times. In 2004, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Ms. Nicole C. Mullen for LIVEtheLIFE, and she is every bit as authentic and Christ-centered as her music shows. One day (oh, one day!) I will interview Michael, my ultimate favorite CCM male singer of all time!, and that will be awesome.

Thank God for music that glorifies Him, and thank God for Michael W. Smith. God rocks my world through him.

Link Du Jour: Avoiding Evil

Avoiding Evil is handled by a fellow I only know as Pressed. A conservative, evangelical Christian who holds strongly to reformed theology, Pressed and his blog have superblessed me for more than four years; it's a relationship I cherish and hold very dear to my heart.

What I love about Avoiding Evil is that in it, Pressed testifies of his walking the walk and talking the talk in a way that I dream of doing in years to come. His theological background ensures that, and a visit to Avoiding Evil enlightens, inspires, teaches, and moves. Any Christian seeking to deepen his faith can learn much from Pressed, whose "in the world, not of it" actions, I'm sure, bring glory to our God.

Avoiding Evil. Visit Pressed today.


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To Superblessed visitors: the Link Du Jour comes highly recommended. Please find time to visit the recommended blog and see how it (and its author) can be of benefit to you too.

The one that gives thanks for CHED

Three weeks ago, I submitted my latest design draft to the Commission on Higher Education. To my pleasant surprise, they actually liked the design. The people on the team (Bebot, Teng, Dang, and Dr. Daraug) have been very supportive of my work, knowing especially that I can't get paid until the finalization of the project, and are now doing overtime to ensure that the report comes out as soon as possible.

Thank God for CHED. Aside from the fact that they do provide financial assistance to poor Filipinos who deserve tertiary education, the Commission is currently my only source of income outside of the printing biz. When the money does come out, it'll put an end to our debt. Praise God.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to buy a kidney... ;)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The one with thoughts on my dad's passing and some shots of Reuben Morgan's concert

My father's dying Monday last week took full control of the blog and my life for the past week until today. It's sad but understandable that something as momentous as a loved one's passing will result in everything else getting put on hold, and it's in events like these that I get to see God's glory manifest.

For one thing, the kind of support that's been pouring in from family, friends, and near-total strangers has been incredible. Many know that we aren't in the best of financial shape, but with the outpouring of love from all these people, we'll make it through. So thank you for your prayers, your support, and your love, because God is working through you, and you've superblessed us in ways that you mayn't ever know.

Meanwhile, as a result of my dad's passing, I wasn't able to post some photos from the Reuben Morgan concert. We were kinda far from the stage (well, natch, we're not moneyed), and the photos I took of Rube simply aren't posting quality. Some other photos, therefore:

Friday, June 17, 2005

The one where my body breaks down

I'm sorry for my inability to post as regularly as I should've. Taking care of a death in the family has proven itself taking beyond belief, and last night, my body just broke down. I came down with a fever and muscle aches to accompany my already inflamed tonsils. I've been unable to speak since Sunday (and those of you who know me personally probably know what torture that is for me).

Regardless, thank you for your posts, emails, and telephone calls of support and condolence. God's ways are mightier than our own, and I know my dad is in good hands, partying with Freddie.

I will return soon, once the hubbub has died down.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's to you, Dad

A scotch on the rocks, bartender, and a hearty wish for my father's safe journey home to Jesus.

I love you, Dad. Rest well.

Friday, June 10, 2005

The one with Rain-X

It's rainy season and my wipers stink. After searching SM Megamall, I found this handy little product called Rain-X. My mother had one of those back when I was a teen, but I knew it was imported and didn't think anyone would actually bring it here. But they did, over at the 4th floor of SM Building A. Coolness.

When you apply this to your windshield, it creates a shield that makes raindrops bead on the windshield. This way, it doesn't stick, and with the force of the wind on your car as you drive along, the rain slides effortlessly to the side. The result? Improved visibility and less wear and tear on your wipers. I am thrilled. :D

LINK DU JOUR: 7 Day Holy

7 Day Holy is the blog of Tanya, an introspective and well-educated young woman seeking to find meaning and do great things for God in today's world. Her blog is the epitome of the Biblical phrase "In the world but not of it," seeking to do God's will and deal with life's trials and tribulations through the help of the Holy Spirit.

When you read her entries, you literally see her heart on her sleeve. Her aches are your aches, her joys bring a smile to your face, her sorrows become your sorrows, and when she prays for the latest object of her desire to bring that object back to God, you can almost feel the sweat become blood.

7 Day Holy. Visit Tanya today.


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The one where Chette and her visitors superbless me

Thank you so very much. May God's name be glorified.

The one where customer service seems to be a thing of the past

Catherine and I decided to have breakfast at Tropical Hut Taft Avenue today. All three parking slots were taken, but there was a free slot at 10-Q Taft Avenue, the convenience store also owned by Tropical Hut Taft Avenue, right beside it. I moved in to take it. The guard at 10-Q Taft Avenue stopped me.

He: [translated from the Filipino vernacular] Sir, you can't park there.
I: But I'd like to eat at Tropical Hut (Taft Avenue). Aren't they both owned by the same proprietor?
He: Yes, but this spot is reserved for deliveries.
I: But I won't be ten minutes. I'm a potential customer.
He: It's of no matter. My boss doesn't want customers to park here. [He walks away.]

I sat speechless in the driver's seat for a good five seconds or so, mulling my next move. Shaking my head, I park at the University Mall Taft Avenue parking lot, where I now had to shell out P20 to have breakfast at an establishment across the street. [Mind you, I was also booted out of the first parking slot I found there by another security guard. The reason? You got it: deliveries.]

Let this be known: Tropical Hut Taft Avenue and 10-Q Taft Avenue would rather give priority to their suppliers than their customers! Tropical Hut Taft Avenue and 10-Q Taft Avenue have no qualms about shooing away customers to keep an open parking slot open for potential delivery. The entire time I was there at Tropical Hut Taft Avenue, not one delivery truck arrived. If Tropical Hut Taft Avenue and 10-Q Taft Avenue treat their customers like this, they shouldn't get customers.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

The one where the plans come into place

This Saturday, June 11, Hillsong Australia's Reuben Morgan is coming to Manila with a praise and worship team to give a seminar followed by a concert. Most young Christians are thrilled, as am I! Thing is, the last time I attended a Hillsong concert, ticket prices were P50. Seriously. Now, to get in both the seminar and the concert, you gotta shell out P840. Wow, that's inflation for you.

Tomorrow, therefore, I meet up with Tina, Mikks, and Riz. I'll give Tina the money for the ticket to the Morgan concert, and P100 to Mikks for his CD, which will help raise money to send Riz to the Hillsong conference in July. That's vision and love for y'all.

At the same time, Thom Filicia and Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will also be in Manila to promote their books and launch several high-profile shows. While I would've wanted to go (because I truly do enjoy Thom's design style, and it's a cheap thrill for a straight guy to go to a queer eye show), the Morgan concert is on the same day, and I know where my priorities lie.

On Monday, Cathy and Nathan go to the beach. Again. As if she didn't learn her lesson yet. LOL Nathan's my kid, Catherine! He's gonna hate the beach! LOL

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The one where I do a pretty good Big Buddha

This was taken more than four months ago. Seriously, I've lost weight. :D

The one where I give Cathy a much-delayed anniversary present

Cathy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary last December 7, 2005. Two weeks ago, I gave her an anniversary present I felt she deserved: her very own Astone USB MP3 player. :D

The woman is thrilled. Now she gets to listen to Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, or whichever else choice of personal beefcake singer she has. She also gets to tune in to the radio, save her files (its memory is about 128MB), and record her voice.

As we know, I don't have much cash because I don't have a regular paying job (thanks a lot, Commission on Higher Education). Nevertheless, I got a bit of a windfall (by my own cheap standards), and after paying the bills, I had enough over to give 10% in tithes and buy her a "thank you" present for loving me and supporting me all this time.

Let me just plug: I bought the MP3 player at Market! Market!'s Tech Market on the fifth floor. I LOVE THIS MALL. I always haggle the prices down! Heehee! I brought the player's price from P3,000 to P2,400. You've got to go to Market! Market! Oh, and Gateway sucks.

The one with how I'm now a minion

I'm a minion of my wife! LOL Right now, I'm helping her design a couple of forms. She's my boss! Isn't that cute? Unbiblical, but cute.

Friday, June 03, 2005

The one where I return to Blogger

Let the world know that we paid the appropriate amount to purchase, and to date, we have been offline more than three weeks because of their inefficiency and inadequacy.

My pretty site is GONE. Back to Blogger for the meantime. 'Tis a shame, really, but it's kinda good to be back.

The question at hand: did any of y'all miss me?