Thursday, June 23, 2005

Link Du Jour: Avoiding Evil

Avoiding Evil is handled by a fellow I only know as Pressed. A conservative, evangelical Christian who holds strongly to reformed theology, Pressed and his blog have superblessed me for more than four years; it's a relationship I cherish and hold very dear to my heart.

What I love about Avoiding Evil is that in it, Pressed testifies of his walking the walk and talking the talk in a way that I dream of doing in years to come. His theological background ensures that, and a visit to Avoiding Evil enlightens, inspires, teaches, and moves. Any Christian seeking to deepen his faith can learn much from Pressed, whose "in the world, not of it" actions, I'm sure, bring glory to our God.

Avoiding Evil. Visit Pressed today.


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To Superblessed visitors: the Link Du Jour comes highly recommended. Please find time to visit the recommended blog and see how it (and its author) can be of benefit to you too.


Christopher said...

Nods in agreement.

Pressed said...

Thanks Ganns! Now I feel convicted, I haven't written anything in awhile... :) I have a lot to live up to. That means a lot to me though.