Thursday, June 23, 2005

The one that thanks God for Michael

I saved up enough money to purchase myself the following:

Michael W. Smith's Healing Rain

I have found music helps me in too many ways, and Mr. Smith has seen me through troubled times. In 2004, I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Ms. Nicole C. Mullen for LIVEtheLIFE, and she is every bit as authentic and Christ-centered as her music shows. One day (oh, one day!) I will interview Michael, my ultimate favorite CCM male singer of all time!, and that will be awesome.

Thank God for music that glorifies Him, and thank God for Michael W. Smith. God rocks my world through him.


Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

Smitty rocks the beat, but steven curtis chapman is is ELI too.

Ganns said...

I'm unfamiliar with ELI...

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said... WOOT!
and request for healing prayer from all your blogger friends on subconscious healing emotional spiritual healing and wholeness, finding a job and healing for my family