Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The one where I give Cathy a much-delayed anniversary present

Cathy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary last December 7, 2005. Two weeks ago, I gave her an anniversary present I felt she deserved: her very own Astone USB MP3 player. :D

The woman is thrilled. Now she gets to listen to Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis, or whichever else choice of personal beefcake singer she has. She also gets to tune in to the radio, save her files (its memory is about 128MB), and record her voice.

As we know, I don't have much cash because I don't have a regular paying job (thanks a lot, Commission on Higher Education). Nevertheless, I got a bit of a windfall (by my own cheap standards), and after paying the bills, I had enough over to give 10% in tithes and buy her a "thank you" present for loving me and supporting me all this time.

Let me just plug: I bought the MP3 player at Market! Market!'s Tech Market on the fifth floor. I LOVE THIS MALL. I always haggle the prices down! Heehee! I brought the player's price from P3,000 to P2,400. You've got to go to Market! Market! Oh, and Gateway sucks.


Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

but even better is the part that she can listen to her own beefcake sing in the shower -if you given to that kind of thing.

Ganns said...


I think I could get her on-board. LOL

cornerofhope said...

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