Thursday, June 09, 2005

The one where the plans come into place

This Saturday, June 11, Hillsong Australia's Reuben Morgan is coming to Manila with a praise and worship team to give a seminar followed by a concert. Most young Christians are thrilled, as am I! Thing is, the last time I attended a Hillsong concert, ticket prices were P50. Seriously. Now, to get in both the seminar and the concert, you gotta shell out P840. Wow, that's inflation for you.

Tomorrow, therefore, I meet up with Tina, Mikks, and Riz. I'll give Tina the money for the ticket to the Morgan concert, and P100 to Mikks for his CD, which will help raise money to send Riz to the Hillsong conference in July. That's vision and love for y'all.

At the same time, Thom Filicia and Kyan Douglas from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy will also be in Manila to promote their books and launch several high-profile shows. While I would've wanted to go (because I truly do enjoy Thom's design style, and it's a cheap thrill for a straight guy to go to a queer eye show), the Morgan concert is on the same day, and I know where my priorities lie.

On Monday, Cathy and Nathan go to the beach. Again. As if she didn't learn her lesson yet. LOL Nathan's my kid, Catherine! He's gonna hate the beach! LOL


M said...

hi ganns! i'm gonna try to catch kyan and thom at greenbelt on saturday. will post pics if i get one. i sooo love them! ok naman ako. will start my MA class next week :0 how've u been? tc!

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

i am a dork I had been typing the log-in wrong-dumb *head slap* your prayers work for the events QESG or a worship concert hmmmmm. which do i choose? If I was going to meet on I probably want to meet carson or makeup/face-cream guy....

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said... Wow!! cool
this is cool

Daxi said...

Ganns! So this is where you went....hahaha..i've been wondering why ur site's down. Read it in one of your entries...Oh well, I am enjoying the camera. Love to take it a step further and take some lessons but budget wise, there are priorities...and shelling out 2,500 for a 5 day seminar isn't one of them, for now....haaay. Pag-iipunan ko na lang siguro. God bless Ganns! :D

Ganns said...

Maan: I've been very good! Send me your mobile, I want to get an autograph from Kyan for Cathy. Sige na! :D

Linda: The face cream guy would be Kyan. :)

Daxi: Glad your priorities are straight. Keep flashing away! [That doesn't sound too good.]