Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The one calling you to support kids with cancer

103 Filipinos die of cancer every day; my very own brother, Freddie Deen, died of it just two years ago. It is the third-biggest killer of Filipinos, and one of this world's scourges.

The Cancer Warriors Foundation Inc. is a foundation driven by the conviction that cancer can be beaten if detected early and given proper management and care, its victim armed with the unwavering faith that God will make a way. Founded by a classmate of mine, James Auste, who survived a rare form of brain cancer, the Cancer Warriors Foundation envisions no Filipino child suffering a diminished quality of life because of cancer.

The Cancer Warriors Foundation is a living tribute to the passion caring and courageous spirit of young people. It is essentially a volunteer network of young people who have committed and are freely sharing their time, skills and resources to advance the fight against childhood cancers and to assist in the treatment and care of poor and disadvantaged kids stricken with cancer.

Support the Cancer Warriors Foundation Gold Ribbon Magnet campaign!
The Cancer Warriors Foundation is now in its third round of Gold Ribbon Magnet campaigns. It is looking for people of influence to help support the drive: celebrities and personalities, athletes, politicians, media people, and of course, people like you and me, without the fame, but with hearts just as big that go out to children who deserve a cancer-free life.

What can I do?
Stick a Gold Ribbon Magnet to your car!
Simply secure a gold ribbon magnet from the Cancer Warriors Foundation for P100 (that P100 can make a different in a child's life. It's one Jollibee meal, less than the price of one movie ticket. Come on!) and attach/place the ribbon to the side of your car, refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface. Take a picture and disseminate this photo to friends and family. Your simple act of placing this ribbon is more than symbolic - it can save the life of a kid with cancer!

Tell people about it!
I appeal to all bloggers, please help the Cancer Warriors Foundation Gold Ribbon Magnet campaign by posting similar blog entries encouraging your visitors to purchase and stick on Gold Ribbon Magnets on your blogs.

Tell your friends, your parents, co-workers, youth group, small or cell group mates, officemates, that friendly bank teller... no person is too high, no group too unreachable. If you know celebrities, please get photos of them sticking the magnet to their car - the impact will be substantial, and the children with cancer will be thrilled.

How to Get the Gold Ribbon Magnets
Please visit the Cancer Warriors Foundation website for more information on how to get the ribbons, or get in touch directly with James through his email (

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