Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The one with the restaurant that'll haunt us forever

I fetched Catherine at around 720 last night, and she and I were starved, so we decided to go to Glorietta. After weighing all options, Cathy mentioned this place called Moo Moo Paradise, which she said was featured on TV as a high-protein place, perfect for folks on Atkins and South Beach. "Let's go!" I said.

For all y'all non-Filipinos, Moo Moo is literally that in context - two sounds uttered by a cow. However, in the Filipino language, Moo Moo means "ghost." I guess the Jap-Korean owners of the restaurant didn't consider that when they named the place, and I can tell you as early as now that these folks are in trouble.

We ordered the Moo Moo set course, which consisted of grilled beef (medium well, as Cathy likes it), gyu tofu (spicy beef and tofu medley), egg soup, kani salad (crabmeat salad), and ice cream. While the meat was okay and the tofu was delightful, everything else fell embarrassingly flat, especially the tasteless egg soup and the kani-less salad. The service was good, but what took the cake and made us swear never to return was when a waiter, in cleaning the table of our used dishes, took the table napkin Cathy had been using (stained with, well, oil and other gunk), and wiped the table with it. Our jaws dropped to the floor as we saw the table shine with Cathy's DNA. Ewww.

Never to return. The Moo Moo, however, continues to haunt us.


Toni said...

Oh yikes, I tried that place out too and the food wasn't any good. A huge disappointment. Not to mention that I got dizzy after eating there. Must've been all the red, white and blacks. I was seeing cow spots before my eyes. Oh wait, that was their decor.

Thess said...

Thanks for the warning!

I shall not let me be haunted by the moo-moo ^_^

Dr. Emer said...

I got here thru Toni's Wifely Steps. Nice site! Thanks for the tip, too. 'Guess I'll have to stick with my cooking. :)

notsquare said...

EW!!! on the resto! :p

p.s. I'll be there to support your magazine. good choice on the cover of your first issue, assured it will sell well, and the one's after too! :) good luck and congratulations :)

Lyra said...