Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The one with the weight loss

So I've gone to Slimmer's World Pasay Road approximately five times in the past two weeks. They have this "Buy-One, Take-One" promo that calls for P16,000 for two years, or two people can pay P8,000 each for a year apiece. The latter option appealed to me and Abby, one of my churchmates, so we went for it and I started slogging away at burning my fat.

After approximately two weeks, the combination of the rigorous training program developed by those Nazi bodybuilding freaks and the innate evil of an intensified South Beach diet have resulted in a net weight loss of ten pounds.

I love this plan!

Seriously though, working towards this goal is extremely difficult, owing to 1) my horrifyingly sedentary lifestyle; and 2) my desire for all things salty and sweet. However, the work we've been doing for LIVEtheLIFE has found me frequently on the road, away from much sugary and salty temptation... ergo, Weight Loss City. here's hoping.

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