Thursday, November 18, 2004

The one where Ganns is tired

I'm tired and cranky, but also peppy and joyful. A study in contradiction? Y'all don't know me that well. Hwekhwekhwek.

I'm tired because I spent two hours at the gym before deciding to travel across the Park Squares, Gloriettas, and Greenbelts to make phone calls, distribute posters, and whatnot. So this is what it's like to set up a magazine ministry - I'm gonna lose a lotta weight, praiseGodforHisgoodnesspantpantpant.

I'm cranky because I still can't get over how some businessmen think of the bottom line. I asked this large retailer if they could carry our mag, but they wouldn't go for less than 40%. I tried to bargain for 35%, that's giving it to them at cost, but they wouldn't budge. So, instead of a Jesus mag in their aisles, they've got gay magazines, smutty magazines, and magazines no one can really afford at full price. Grr. Prayers to change these people's minds are requested.

I'm peppy because despite all this negativity, God continues to inspire me with the faith of the people who are working with me. God bless Arnold and Noel.

I'm joyful because it's only two weeks until launch, and then God's power will shine bright as the sun. Join me, won't you? LIVEtheLIFE, a Christ-centered publication, sold out in three weeks! Amen!

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Unknown said...

I hope you get some rest soon...