Thursday, November 25, 2004

The one with the Saturday launch jitters

So I just came back from a meeting with the Ayala events people. It's all settled, apparently: we're all set to launch LIVEtheLIFE at Shepherd's Staff, 1230pm, on Saturday, November 27, 2004. Kitchie Nadal will sing three songs, sign magazines and CDs, and basically rock the house. We, in the meantime, will try to get people to subscribe to the mag for a year. We will require just two members of Ayala's vaunted security force, apparently. Praise the Lord.

Oh, swing by Chette's forum. And if you agree with me that Jennifer Hudson should have been the American Idol, visit this site for her AI soundbites. Love it, love it, love it. :D


Jax said...

excited na ako, ganns!

riz said...

can't wait can't wait!! :)

BoRiS said...

hmmm.. i think Fantasia deserves to be the AI.. hindi perfect yung notation ni JH eh.. but indeed she CAN sing! :) pero eto sana yung gusto ko na order of winners: Fantasia, La Toya, Diana, Jennifer, Jasmine and so on.. Fantasia, La Toya and Diana DeGarmo, they hardly ever hit a bad note.. :) pero i love La Toya when it comes to voice quality.. Fantasia on the other hand has more soul to her singing.. what's the point of singing pag hindi naman ma feel nang audience ang essence nang song, diba? :)