Sunday, February 19, 2006

The one with my birthday prayers 2006

I have six prayers for my birthday this coming February 26, in no particular order:

1. I pray the government gets its act together. This landslide is the latest in a series of catastrophes for President Arroyo, and all the bickering and placing of blame is ill-timed (since when have pointing of fingers ever been in good timing?) and petty, given the gravity of the situation.

President Arroyo is our current president, like it or not. It wastes time, money, and precious resource trying to kick her out of office. I suggest the government, including senators and congressmen in the opposition, work with her towards making the best of this bad situation, and move the country along.

2. I pray we, as a people, could get our act together. For a country that claims to have Christ in the center of our lives, we're awfully smug. No one follows traffic rules anymore. People avoid paying taxes whenever possible. We used to actually have the lowest traffic occurence in the world - and we have cars, so don't think the Philippines is solely a land of bicycles, tricycles, jeepneys, and chickens, milkfish, goats, and shrimp, crossing and flip-flopping across the road.

We need to respect the law, even if we don't necessarily respect the lawmakers and law enforcers, because without the law, we're basically a people living in relatively organized chaos, and that isn't right, that isn't Godly, that isn't good for the future of our children.

3. I pray for courage, wisdom, and the opportunity to spread the gospel. I've been a Christian for more than six years, and I've shared the gospel with two people. That's a woeful track record. I pray to build better relationships with my friends so I can eventually share with them the joy I have in Jesus.

4. I pray for Cathy and Nathan. My wife and son are the greatest things I have in my life. I pray they continue to remain healthy, and to continue loving and seeking God's ways.

5. I pray for my health. I have a checkup scheduled sometime this month. At 28 going on 29, I should be in the pink of health, but there's a nagging thought in my head that something disastrous is headed my way, thanks to the fact that I'm overweight. God give me discipline to kick the chunky monkey off my back forever.

6. Finally, I pray for all of you. Thanks for the support and prayer through all the years. I pray God grants you health, blessings in every form, and the opportunity to have joy, peace, contentment, and love, every day, just as the Lord intended.

All together now: Advanced happy birthday to me, advanced happy birthday to me, advanced happy birthday, advanced happy birthday, advanced happy birthday to me!

Ganns blows out the candles. Oops, these are prayers, not wishes. They will come true, according to God's will and in His perfect timing. Cheers!

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