Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one where where every day's a blessing... and Susan's pregnant!

Today's devotional comes to me as a refreshing reminder: today - and every day - is a day that the Lord has made. Given that, it is our option to rejoice and be glad in the fact that our God loves us.

Wow. Coming from yesterday, where I was reminded to "open the eyes of my heart" and see God for what He is and what He wants to do in my life, I'm feeling so empowered and strong! I found out that my prayer today lasted almost 30 minutes, which is highly unusual for me, because I never really saw myself praying that long. I was just burdened for so many people.

"Today, please listen; don't turn a deaf ear as in the bitter uprising." - Hebrews 3:15 God wants to talk to you, so listen up. When? TODAY.

Included in my prayers (and should be in yours, too!) are Brent Higgins Jr. and Susan Wilson, who I just found out today is pregnant! Yay oh yay! Congratulations! I promised her I would keep her in prayer daily for the safety and development of her latest bundle of joy.

If y'all need any additional prayer, just leave me a comment and know when two or three gather in His name, great things happen and prayers are answered, according to His perfect will and in His perfect timing.

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