Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The one with 3 Parts to Prayer...

Pastor Dre's inspiring message last Sunday at Victory Christian Fellowship Galleria (11am service) detailed the "Give us this day our daily bread" verse from Matthew 6:9-13 as part of their six-part series on Teach Us To Pray. His sermon this time around was more spirited than last week's, and it clearly showed his comfort and ease with the congregation this time around! Great going, Pastor! Yea!

In a nutshell, his points boiled down to the following:
1. GIVE US. God is a giving God who does not want to hold anything back from us. We, however, have the responsibility to ask. Matthew 21:21 and Deut. 8:2-3, 18 tell us what happens to people who express their desires in faith.

2. THIS DAY. Hebrews 11:1. What's holding us from asking today. This is very relevant to my devotion this morning, which comes with a memory verse from Hebrews 3:15 that tells us to listen to God - TODAY.

3. OUR DAILY BREAD. The pastor divided this part into four areas:
3.1. Biological.
3.2. Purpose. (2 Cor 9:8)
3.3. Enjoyment
3.4. Others (2 Cor 9:11, Gen 12:2-3)

When the series ends, Cathy and I will try out Christ's Commission Fellowship (across Ortigas) then Greenhills Christian Fellowship. Depending on the series we happen to catch in those respective churches, we will decide hopefully within a month's time or two, as to which family of Christ we will commit ourselves to serve Him fully.


Trisha said...

YAY. i wish i can attend the churches there. they sound really cool.
come to australia for the hillsong conference next year mr ganns! how fun will that be. :)

Arnold said...

Aren't you with a church somewhere in Mandaluyong, bro?

Anyway, we attended CCF for two years. We love the church, but we had to leave for the church plant we're working on in Makati.

notsquare said...

Hi Ganns,

Photo's are up. You'll see a lot of familiar faces, I assume. :)

Ganns said...

Trisha: Not anytime soon, sis. Don't have the cash. :) Enjoy!

Ganns said...

Arnold: Used to be. We left. Long story. :(