Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The one with Radio City - Robinson's Place Manila Ermita

Last night, Cathy and I went to Robinson's Place Manila Ermita to have dinner. We ate at Mongolian Stop, pretty good place, eat all you can for P198. Not bad at all. Afterward, we stopped by Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita because I wanted to see if I could find the old Michael Bolton collection with Time, Love and Tenderness for Phat's remake.

Imagine my pleasure to find the Greatest Hits 1985-1995 compilation there at Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita! The sticker on the cover said P250, so not only did I find it, I found it at half price! Yay for me, right?

Well, when we paid, the cashier typed in a different price: P280. When I protested, I pointed out the sticker in front. They then pointed out the price tag sticker at the back and said it was inventoried at P280, not P250. The Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita cashier then proceeded to rip out the P250 sticker (like it made a difference!)!

Before he could rip out the entire green tag, I told him, never mind, took the CD away, and walked away. As we did, I told the entire staff rather dramatically: "I am not returning here to Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita." I mean it.

Why keep the P250 sticker on the CD if you're going to reprice it? That's just going to make people (like me) feel bad! It's not about saving P30 (although frankly, it can be). It's about telling your customer two different things and deciding in favor of the customer-unfriendly thing. I was buying a legitimate CD instead of going to the pirates. This album is ten years old. Who else was going to buy it?

One of the Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita salesgirls kept on apologizing profusely. If you want to show you're truly repentant, missy, go through your entire catalog and take out all conflicting price tags, so the next Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita consumer buying a CD that will probably never sell again, won't have such a hard time.

They don't accept credit cards anyway, and most of the stuff they have there is back issue. I strongly encourage everyone to NOT buy from Radio City Robinson's Place Manila Ermita because they obviously don't care much about the customer there.


S E R E N I T Y said...

hi. i had the same experience when i bought a toy for a niece in Toys will be Toys, also in Robinson's Manila. This happened a few years ago. I was looking for a gift below P150 (cheap tita!) So I found something-- educational, decent, and reasonably priced. When the cashier pressed the barcode "gun", a different price flashed. I told her your tag says another price. She said that there must be some mistake. She pulled out the tag and did not even bother to apologize for the inconvenience. I told her that they should be diligent in checking their tag prices that they match the ones recorded in the database. And wala lang, deadma! The saleslady said she would have to pay the balance if i paid the price indicated on the tag. So I had to pay for their carelessness!
Poor customer service!

Ganns said...

That's terrible! I think Robinson's would do well to review the service of their leasees.

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