Monday, September 26, 2005

The one with Chicken Chicken!

A lot of good restaurants may be found in the most obscure places. An example is the newest La Salle-CSB-St. Scho favorite Chicken Chicken! It is interesting that even without a formal signage, this small resto has become a staple in the Lasallian-Benildean-Scholastican lingo. Owned by a Chinese family, Chicken Chicken serves exquisite fried chicken (mostly deboned) and the best liempo this side of town. The servings are large enough for 2 persons. The chicken and liempo is so crispy, one can't help but hypothesize what the main breading ingredient is. A chef friend said that it's probably camote flour. The special sauce, made with star anise is perfect with the many dishes they serve. Chicken Chicken is located along Estrada street near the CSB Hotel. Since there is no signage, look for a bungalow house with a white gate or ask around. Bring P100 and you'll be full and satisfied.

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