Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The one with Cashflow, the Board Game

Last night, our dear friend Nix invited us to his condo to play Cashflow, the Board Game. This game is based on the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. The main objective of the game is to get out of the rat race and buy or achieve your dream. Everyone starts with a specific job and income statement. Depending on how players invest their money, they can get out of the rat race or stay there for the duration of the game. To get out of the rat race, one has to have more passive income than his/her total expenses.

Ganns started as a truck driver, Nix started as a nurse and I started as a lawyer. Guess who got out of the rat race first. It was not the lawyer or the nurse who earns more but the truck driver! How did this happen? Well, the truck driver has less expenses so his hurdle is smaller. Nix ended up winning the game after about 3 hours. Still, we had a good run because everyone was able to get out of the rat race. Hopefully, this translates to real life.

With no background in business, I learned so much from playing Cashflow. I learned how to record my assets and liabilities, determine how much my passive income is and where the money really is--real estate and businesses! This reminds me of the definition of wealth used in the bestseller The Millionaire Next Door. Millionaires are not those who live in the posh villages. Millionaires are those who can live comfortably for ten years even without a job. I can't wait to play Cashflow again!

My dream, by the way, is to donate a huge amount of money to a church.


anj said...

that sounds like an interesting game! where did nix find it? baka makatulong to get out of the real rat race. hehe!

Ganns said...

It's definitely useful for teaching real-life experience. We learned a lot from it, and we're applying some of the principles in our life already. :)

site said...

Goodness, there is so much useful information above!