Saturday, September 17, 2005

The one gathering Filipino-Christian blogs together

Do you (or do you know anyone who is known to):

1) Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior?
2) Maintain a blog where the content is largely Christian in nature (e.g., no profane language, at least one weekly post on your relationship with God or how He makes himself known in your life)?
3) Have Filipino blood?
4) Not be afraid to let the world know that you love Jesus?

If so, I want the blog URL, because I want to link up, and also because I'm covering Filipino-Christian blogs for Blogs4God, a semi-definitive list of Christians who blog.

Pass this around to all your online brothers and sisters in the faith, and tell them to either post on this thread, or send me an email at superblessed at Please have this in by the end of September, because I plan to begin twice-monthly updates on Blogs4God starting October. God superbless!

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