Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The one with the survey on time

I've been tagged by Aura!

Ten Years Ago
1. I was listening to Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette.
2. I began the weight loss program that would succeed in dropping 40 pounds from my frame.
3. I began singing with ReVerse/Release.
4. I missed the Dean's List by 0.03.
5. I got my Calvin and Hobbes tattoo.

Five years ago:
1. Cathy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary as a couple.
2. I gained back the 40 pounds I lost ten years ago.
3. I quit Release.
4. I was promoted to Acting Director of DLS-College of Saint Benilde's College Communication Office.
5. Jesus Christ found me.

One year ago:
1. Cathy and I celebrated our 2nd year anniversary as a married couple.
2. I began the nth diet. Lost nothing.
3. I started to write songs for Christ.
4. I started Superblessed Media.
5. Nathan turned one.

1. God reminded me "love begets love."
2. Cathy made me a pasta dish that I ate today.
3. Bounce and I jammed at his house.
4. Found and bought a copy of Cher's Gold.
5. Finished four modules for work.

Five Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Pringles Salt and Vinegar.
2. Wendy's Frosty.
3. KitKat Chunky White.
4. Ruffles Sour Cream and Cheddar.
5. Kahluea Walnut Cake from Tazza.

Five Songs I Know All the Words To:
1. Hold On. Wilson Phillips.
2. Galileo. Indigo Girls.
3. Place In This World. Michael W. Smith.
4. Everything To Me. Avalon.
5. Big Yellow Taxi. Joni Mitchell/Amy Grant/Counting Crows.

Five Things I Would Do with 100 Million Dollars:
1. Tithe 10%.
2. Set aside another 10% for immediate and extended family.
3. Start a literacy program for underprivileged children.
4. Invest in a good portfolio management program for Nathan and all future Deens.
5. Donate money to stem cell research.

Five Places I Would Run Away To:
1. Denmark.
2. Hawaii.
3. Egypt.
4. Boracay.
5. France.

Five Things I Would Never Wear:
1. High heels.
2. Black nail polish.
3. Leather pants.
4. Sandos while playing basketball.
5. Pink socks.

Five Favorite TV Shows:
1. Friends.
2. Perfect Strangers.
3. CSI.
4. Desperate Housewives.
5. Will and Grace.

Five bad habits:
1. I worry.
2. I nag.
3. I complain.
4. I bite my nails.
5. I eat when I'm stressed.

Five biggest joys:
1. God
2. Cathy
3. Nathan
4. Mom and John
5. Cable television

Five favorite toys:
I don't really have toys.

Five Fictional Characters I Would Date:
Sorry, I really don't see myself dating anyone now that I have Cathy.

I'm tagging Ariel, Keren, Phoebe, Tina, and Boris.


Jay said...

You linked me to the wrong site. It's signonSOUNDOFF. Haha!

Ganns said...

Oh yeah?! Well, your updates are sporadic and misanthropic! Haha!

Heffer Wolfe said...

Woooohoooooo!!! Thanks Ganns! Nga pala 11 am ako nagse-service sa Galle but we could meet after ng service nyo. :D

Ganns said...

That's be great, Ariel! See you there!