Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Link Du Jour: The Normz

In the course of gathering Filipino-Christian blogs for Blogs4God, I discovered The Normz, the blog of my old high school buddy Norman Lee.

Norman has been a Christian for less than eight months, and but from the content on his blog, you'd think he was a seasoned believer! Every post is a joyful testimony to God's goodness, and I can't help but be uplifted by every thankful post, every informative digression, every thoughtful discourse.

While I've always known Norman to be an intelligent and creative individual, Normz is a surprising glimpse at a person who has yet to witness the fullest potential of God's greatness. As his walk with God continues, I am sure he will be blessed - no, SUPERblessed! - as you will be when you swing by his blog.

The Normz. Visit Norman today.


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