Monday, September 12, 2005

The one with Michael Passons

I've made it no secret I love Avalon. I love and support every single member of that group, no mater where they may be, or what kind of music they're doing, or what solo moves they're contemplating of doing. I still believe God is working through them, and despite the disappointing results of the sales of The Creed, the last studio album, I know that they've got something great up their sleeves.

Every single member of the group - Jody McBrayer, Janna Long, Melissa Greene, and Greg Long - has outstanding talent, and for them to come together is truly amazing. However, Greg replaced "Father Avalon" - the incredibly touching and talented singer Michael Passons.

Well, I just discovered the Michael Passons Official Website - he has a solo career! Yay for Michael! Someone this superblessed will be used mightily by God. I'm glad to see that he's doing great things, and still making amazing music. May God be praised.

Swing by his site, check out his blog, and please listen to his music! You'll find it refreshing, I guarantee it. Classic Contemporary Christian pop-rock with a twist.


Aura said...

I love Avalon! My cousins and I sing a lot of their songs whenever we sing at churches or do concerts! Do you have their DVD? I think it's called Avalon Live or something like that. The best rendition of "Adonai" and "Everything To Me" were in the DVD. I was surprised to see Greg Long for the first time with the group, a couple of years ago, at a Christian music festival called Fish Fest here in Southern California. I was expecting Michael Passons at the autograph table, but found Greg instead. That was the first time they announced that Michael left the group to pursue a solo career.

Ganns said...

YOU SAW AVALON LIVE?!?! I'm so envious!

I do have their DVD - Testify To Love: Avalon in Concert. :) Michael was in that one, and it was amazing.

I'd die to meet 'em, seriously.

Aura said...

Yeah! I think that was the very first time I saw them live. I saw a bunch of CCM artists that night: Point of Grace (whom I have seen live quite a few times), Third Day, Jeremy Camp, Toby Mac, and Jaci Velasquez (who, unfortunately, sounds better in her recordings).