Monday, September 12, 2005

Simple Buco Pandan Recipe

Ganns said that many are looking for a simple Buco Pandan recipe. Since I am usually assigned to whip up this light dessert during family parties, I wish to share my improvised recipe. Of course, the balance of sweetness depends on the person making it so please feel free to taste and adjust as you go.

Simple Buco Pandan Recipe

Main Ingredients:
4 boxes of Ferna Gelatin (Pandan Flavor)
1 small bottle of McCormick Pandan Essence or Flavor
5-6 coconuts, meat shredded into strips (It is best to buy a “salad” coconut with meat not too soft and not too hard)

Dressing Ingredients:
2 boxes of Nestle All-Purpose Cream
¾ cup of Milkmaid Condensed Milk
Pandan Essence or Flavor


Cook gelatin following package directions. To enhance pandan flavor of gelatin, pour in a teaspoon of McCormick Pandan Essence. Adjust the amount of essence you put in judging by how the gelatin smells. McCormick Pandan Essence is very light so you will not be in danger of putting too much. Once the gelatin is ready, pour into a square mold and cool. After the gelatin has hardened, cut it into small cubes. Fun!

To prepare the dressing, combine the cream and condensed milk. Taste for balance of sweetness. Normally, your dressing has to be sweeter than you would like because once you mix the main ingredients, the sweetness goes down. Add pandan essence to enhance the flavor of the dressing. Once satisfied, add it to the gelatin and shredded coconut. Chill and serve.

Variations: You may add small sago pearls to your buco pandan for extra texture. Cook them first, of course. :) Adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream makes it even more special. Enjoy!


Ganns said...


This is a really, really yummy recipe! Thanks for sharing it, honey!

Anonymous said...

where csn i get Ferna gelatin snd Ferna buco pandan flavoring ?