Monday, September 12, 2005

The one with Babyface and Toni Braxton's new stuff

Over the weekend, Cathy and I got hold of albums from two 1990s icons: Toni Braxton (The Remixes, bought by my wife as a gift because she knows I LOVE REMIXES), and Babyface (Grown and Sexy).

The Babyface album is a revelation. After the hiccup that was Face2Face, the master producer and chanteur returns to his romantic roots and rocks the house. My wife is so in love with his music, it's not even funny.

As for Miz Braxton, well, she's always been topnotch, and this collection underscores her club connections as well as the next diva. Her new album, Libra, is due out soon, and the first single, Trippin', is good enough to at least dent the Hot 100 (it's harder to do when you're on an indie label. Come on, Arista, dump Bobby Brown's drug-addled spouse and get with the Braxton program!).

Download Trippin' here. Ssh. ;)

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