Thursday, September 15, 2005

The one with Heaven and Eggs

Two nights ago, Cathy and I dined at a new restaurant at Glorietta 4. Located beside Bread Talk (replacing Pazzo, was a brightly lit, straight-out-of-Kansas-style restaurant called Heaven and Eggs. A second branch, apparently, the restaurant specializes in steaks, eggs, and all-day breakfast offerings. It was blue, mostly, with swing sets in the middle of the restaurant. Cute!

Cathy ordered a Tuna Steak meal that came with eggs and pancakes. I ordered a meal that came with bacon, meatloaf, eggs, and fries (I could feel my arteries clog).

The meal wasn't altogether bad - it actually was quite delicious, on the same level as Country Waffles for sheer breakfast chutzpah. What thrilled Cathy were two things: 1) homemade soda (they have some kind of feature that provides for special soda flavors, like bubblegum and vanilla, the latter of which she ordered), and flavored syrups.

Service was decent, food was terrific but not that memorable, and the look was quite pleasant. A nice place to take family and friends to.

Foreground L-R: Blueberries; apples and cinnamon, for toppings. Background, L-R: Syrups in maple, Coconut, Pineapple, and Peach flavors.


Anonymous said...

The Owner is actualy named Owen Michael Gan... He's my friend and I was searching for sites that featured his restaurant coz Im trying to help him promote it. Arent you related to him?

Ganns said...

No... my first name is Ganns. :)

Tina Elaine said...

yea pretty dainty place! :)