Friday, September 09, 2005

The one offering to buy I-Pod Nanos for my Philippine friends

By now, you all must've heard about the delicious new I-Pod Nano!

"Take everything you love about iPod and shrink it. Now shrink it again. With 2GB (500 songs) and 4GB (1,000 songs), the pencil-thin iPod nano packs the entire iPod experience into an impossibly small design. So small, it will take your music places you never dreamed of!"

Read more about the I-Pod Nano.

Now, my mother's coming back from the US on September 15. Kung gusto ninyong magpabili ng I-Pod Nano, my mom is willing to pick one up for you. The 2GB Nano retails for US$199 (P11,144, converted at PhP56 to a US$1), and we'll take home Nanos for whoever wants at US$215 (P12,000). I don't know if Apple Philippines is already selling the Nanos, or for how much, but this is what my mom and I are offering to friends locally, so before you make pabili from my mom, please do your research; you may find it cheaper elsewhere, I don't know.

The awesome thing is this: the Nano is coming out TODAY in the U.S. That means you could have your Nano by next week, ahead of most everybody else locally. That's kinda cool. :)

Obviously, these are good faith orders, so if you're going to make pabili (shucks, I'm so conyo, ha), please have the money ready. No installment bases, please.

Let me know through email ( or mobile (0920-9073962) on or before September 13 at the latest.

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M said...

oooh, it's sinful ganns! naiiyak din ako, i wanna have one...but my budget can't. waaaahhh.

happy weekend dear :) feels good to see my name again on your list as last year's "blessed" winner in the superblessed awards. cheers me up right this very moment. thankie! mwah.