Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The one where you're invited to take my music :)

My six-year relationship with Jesus Christ has grown sweeter and sweeter, and one way I've shown Him my appreciation for all He's done is through music. Remarkably enough, with the technology available to us, it's never occurred to me to put this stuff online.

Mikks (whose latest site incarnation, by the way, seems a little strange to maneuver) and Galvin, however, have never made a secret of their Godmusic, so I'm hopping onto the bandwagon, albeit with music whose quality isn't even close to theirs.

It terrifies me, putting my songs up on the Web. You might say it's like entering your kids in a beauty pageant: you hope people will like them, and that it will be a reflection of your own endearing qualities, whether these qualities be good looks or outstanding morals.

In my case, it's because I'd like people to see how superblessed I am - and giving that credit to God. Little me, praising a Great and Mighty God - the songs mayn't be the best, but the expression of gratitude that went into each song's production remains the same.

So, there. Please feel free to download the songs; they're on the right side, underneath the link to The Husband Chronicles. I hope you enjoy them, and pass them on, if you think they're worth it. God bless you, and may music pour out of your own hearts in gratitude to His goodness.

[Can't download? I can't figure it out either, but if you like it and wanna use it in church, email me.]


Arnold said...

Bro, it seems that you went over the geocities bandwith limit. I can't download your music. I suggest you sign up for free at I believe they can host audio and video files for free.

Ganns said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Much appreciated. :)

Heffer Wolfe said...

Ganns, next week na lang tayo mag-meet sa Galle. May lakad kami bukas e.