Saturday, August 06, 2005

The one with Fuzion Greenbelt

Fuzion, my favorite fruit smoothie cafe of choice, has opened a mecca for me in Greenbelt Four. Now that I work two minutes away from Greenbelt, I am now literally eight minutes away from the best fruit smoothies in Manila! What a great life!

Fuzion's Greenbelt home is designed so deliciously! Bright oranges and yellows make this particular branch a wonderful place to be in, because it just lifts your spirits up. There's a section (Claire calls it the Japanese sofa, hwek hwek) with red and orange pillows; you can sit yourself down beside translucent orange tables.

They raised their prices, but it's still better than Big Chill, which is ridiculously sweet, and Fruit Magic, which tends to taste terrible when the smoothie's no longer cold. The Fuzion folks got rid of the Peachy Lychee, my favorite drink of choice, and replaced it with South Peach, which is peach, lychee, and mango. Mmmm.

I love it, love it, love it.

Me enjoying my South Peach.

The facade of Fuzion Greenbelt.

The outer inner.

More outer inner.

The Japanese sofa.

Claire didn't wanna model, but anyway...

...and a bonus for the regulars, one of Nathan's latest pics, taken at his lolo's birthday party.


Caths Deen said...

Super cute ni Nathan! fuzion looks good, too.

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

this looks like a snazzed up jami juice! Very cool!

anj said...

ang cute ni nathan! haven't eaten in fuzion for a long time. i love pineapple sunshine.

that branch looks nicer by the way. :)

notsquare said...

I've tried Fuzion... and do not like it. I find it too bland actually. (Yeah, I like my shakes sweet, just like Big Chill) :)

I do like the interior of the palce, including the japanese sofa. very funky!

nag change na yung face ni Nathan ah :) looking better :)

Tina said...

aaaaah. ang cute cute cute ni nathan. :P

i'm a fruit magic addict..but i have yet to try fuzion. hehe. i'm not in makati anymore though...but i might make a trip there next week. :D

Ganns said...

Tina: they also have Fuzion at Tomas Morato and Robinson's Galleria. I know there are others (Podium, Greenhills, one will open at Metrowalk), but I haven't been to those. :)

Do go - I like it there.

Ganns said...

Notsquare: I don't blame you if you're a sugarphile. :) I can't have too much sugar, which is why it's good for me. :D The place looks great, I'm glad you like it. :) Try their salads.

Toni said...

Ang laki na ni Nathan!

Hey, does Fuzion have plain fruit shakes lang? I'm not too fond of some of the blends kasi. I've tried them. :)