Saturday, August 27, 2005

The one with the best possible car freshener

A friend of mine told me yesterday that he's thrown out four different car fresheners because he couldn't smell the freshener before purchase, and didn't like the scent when he finally got around to opening the package. (Um, hello, scratch and sniff, but anyway.)

I then suggested a guaranteed way to get a scent you will like for your car. Take your favorite branded cologne or perfume and buy the imitation brand at your local thrift shop (or GreenHills, for Manila-based car owners). You'll get your favorite cologne you like at a fraction of the cost. Even if the scent fades, a quick spritz will bring it right back. The smell won't be cloying, and best of all, you know it's a scent you like!

Not into buying pirates? Head over to Market! Market! in the Fort, Makati. A store near the activity area repackages original colognes! The range is from P20 to P50 per milliliter. At that price, you can buy a small bottle of original perfume especially for your car!

Just don't leave the perfume bottle in direct sunlight. The direct heat will wreak havoc on the chemical composition of the imitation cologne, and future spritzes will begin to smell more like alcohol than your favorite brand.


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