Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The one with me not in a Speedo

I never liked summer. The heat always overpowers and makes me feel sticky. I hate the beach with the itchy sand beneath my toes, and the sickly sweet salty smell of the sea. I dislike the chlorine smell of most swimming pools, and now that I'm working, there's no such thing as summer vacation. I once tried to tan myself: I learned, much to my chagrin, I don't tan. I lobsterize, bright red as a crab. No bronzed god, I am destined to a life of pasty whiteness.

The worst thing about summer, of course, is the fashion options. One realizes one does not have the abs that give one a right to wear a Speedos. I don't have pan de sal, just one large monay. Luckily, the exercise routine I'm on seems to be working, and I've found myself a fantastic new place to shop! :D

Boracay Beachwear, located in the basement section of Greenbelt 1, just opened and I am in love! We're talking board and surf shorts, hipster shorts, and sarongs! I've always wanted to try and wear a sarong, even if I don't have the legs to pull it off. I'll also pick myself up an ethnic anklet or two. The best part: the price! Shorts start atP480.00. The build quality of the shorts are excellent, and my flab doesn't stick out! Praise God!

To get to Boracay Beachwear from the National Bookstore entrance of Greenbelt 1 , look for the entrance to the Basement Arcade (it's underneath Chowking). From there, go down the stairs and take the first right. They're right across Country Style Donuts. My God, it's the worst combo: buy a bikini then have an eclair.

Suddenly, summer seems much more tolerable. :)

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