Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The one with the Caltex misunderstanding

So it's like this: I always buy gasoline from Caltex. Ever since Catherine and I got our Revo as a present, we've filled it up with Caltex gasoline. Why? Well, primarily because the closest gasoline station to our home right now is a Caltex station, and also because they have usual yearly promotions that I honestly believe one day I will win.

So I pull into the Caltex station near Valle Verde 1 on C5 to load up on P1,000 worth of gasoline. I figure to myself, hey, might as well buy me some water, so I head into the StarMart there. As I walk towards the store, I notice the Starmart people laughing and pointing at me. I wonder why, and open the door to the Coffee Experience branch beside it.

As I open the door, I notice they're still staring at me. This makes me intensely uncomfortable. I look down, thinking maybe my fly might be open, but it isn't, and then it hits me: I'm wearing my favorite orange polo shirt with a Pennzoil patch on one side of the shirt and a Shell AM Blvd patch on the other.

That's why they're laughing: I load P1,000 of Caltex gasoline and they think I'm from Shell. Well, I jokingly shouted "I'm not from Shell!" across the store, but they continued to snicker. Hooligans.

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