Saturday, March 12, 2005

The one with the American Idol Top 12

Yes, yes, many were upset with the voting off of Nikko Smith, myself included. Life, however, must go on. My fearless forecast:

12. Lindsey. Great voice and looks, but she's always been shaky and bland. There's also little to no personality.

11. Scott. This'll be a close fight between him and Jessica, and he'll lose it because he doesn't give off a pleasant vibe.

10. Jessica. There's just no spark. Her voice has improved loads, but I just think most of the white girl vote will go to Carrie.

9. Nadia. Mikalah should go first, but I think she has a stronger fan base. Vonzell appeals to a bigger demographic.

8. Vonzell. I think she's the most talented lady, but between Mikalah and Vonzell, the latter will lose the votes.

7. Mikalah. With Janay gone, the teens will root for Mikalah, taking her far but not far enough.

6. Constantine. The least talent in the top 12 will make it far because he's eye candy. Never underestimate the prepubescent vote.

5. Anthony. Clay clone and miracle boy. Whatever. He'll run out of steam by this leg.

4. Carrie. Country votes will play a big role, but I think more of white America will end up voting for Bo over Carrie.

3. Mario. Talented, but a little contrived. It'll be interesting if Mario can make it to the top two over Bo, who I think will lose to Anwar in the final.

2. Bo. Bo appeals to a demographic that suddenly is excited that such a person like Bo is in the Top 12. His performances have been stellar, and he carries with him experience and stage presence that can't be matched by anyone else in the competition.

1. Anwar. Talent, looks, humility. It's Anwar's race to lose. We must remember, though, that each week is based on performance. A contestant still has to perform extremely well - should they be unable to work things out, they can be voted out like that.

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