Thursday, March 03, 2005

The one on why Nikko Smith should be a threat

Did you catch last night's American Idol? Wow. The quality of this year's batch of men is outstanding! Of ten performers, I can say six did a fantastic job, and it's going to be really hard to pick just six from this year's crop. Wow.

Of the ten performers, I can honestly say I was blown away by two individuals: Nikko Smith and Mario Vasquez. The thing is, we've always known Vasquez was a contender, and his take on I Love Music was spot-on, but from where did Nikko Smith come? My goodness! His version of Let's Get It On was incredible. Every note on key, every move well-chosen. He owned that stage, he owned that song. If you consider the vocal work he did on last week's Part-Time Lover, he should be a serious threat. So what's the problem? Simon hit it right on the head.

He looks like Bobby Brown!

The men turned in terrific performances all around. Anwar Robinson turned in another stellar performance with What's Going On, letting all that dread-locked hair fly all crazy. Bo Bice with an amazing performance of the Allman Brothers' Whipping Post and Constantine Maroulis with a shrieky Hard to Handle from the Black Crowes? Smokin'. And unlike the judges, I thought Joe Murena did a fantastic job on Let's Stay Together.

So who didn't turn it good performances by me? Travis Tucker bored me to death, despite Simon's belief he's a born performer, and his All Night Long dragged on, well, all night long. I've outgrown Anthony Fedorov, and his voice is starting to get all annoying on me; I was never a fan of I Want to Know What Love Is, and he just made me dislike that song even more. Scott Savol's Never Too Much was true to its title, and he bored me to tears. Poor, poor David Brown. What the heck happened to him? All in Love is Fair? What isn't fair is your song choice, man.

I hear the ladies didn't do so well; I've just have to see for myself. C'mon, let's go, Aloha!


Noelle De Guzman said...

I actually have a theory that this season's American Idol has been weighted in the guys' favor. Out of the 24 people that Simon, Paula, and Randy selected, the 12 men are definitely better than the 12 women. Nothing sinister in it; it's just that there have been alternate female and male winners the previous seasons. :)

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