Tuesday, March 01, 2005

The one with thoughts on being 28

The best one-liner I used last Saturday was this: "At 28, my waistline and age now match." No one believed me; can't blame 'em, I wouldn't believe myself, now that I'm 28.

Two years away from 30, I realize the following things:
1. If we actually had a local version of American Idol, this would be my last chance to join it.
2. My family and I are in good shape in every sense of the word. Sure, our finances leave much to be desired, and I'm still looking for a reason, roaming in the night to find my place in this world (yeah, Smitty put it best), but I'm blessed with health, a beautiful wife, an incredibly handsome son (who won't stop walking and calling everything "dog" or "dada").
3. My calling seems to really be in education. My erratic career path (educator, writer, DJ, marketer, pianist, event planner, master of ceremony, and, most recently, publisher) has found me chasing many stars and accomplishing many dreams; end of day, though, I enjoy being with college kids in the classroom. Sure, I could write songs, or stories, or whatnot, but there's nothing that truly compares with the joy one gets from the exchange of ideas within and outside of the four walls of the learner-centered classroom.
4. God has been so good to me, even if I suck. The past few weeks, I honestly have not been giving Him the time and attention that He deserves as Lord and Savior of my life, but He's never abandoned me, and through my brothers and sisters in the faith, my friends from Ateneo, JASMS, and LSGH, and through people too numerous to name, He continues to remind me of His greatness and how He can provide. It's humbling, I tell you.
5. I've been given a Powerpoint presentation of our honeymoon set to Huey Lewis & Gwyneth Paltrow, two books (one on spiritual leadership and one on becoming a man of integrity in a world of compromise), a teapot, a 1kg bag of coffee beans, a mixed CD, and DVDs of About A Boy (legit), Stand By Me (legit), and the Golden Girls (pirate). This year's birthday haul rocks. :)
6. After having given it much serious thought, I don't think immigrating to Canada seems like such a terrible idea. We might just get the process started - according to a friend of mine who works there, it takes four years to process those papers. How do you like them apples? It's still faster than becoming an immigrant to the Philippines, and I can't imagine how many people are lining themselves up for a chance to become a citizen of this nation.


Unknown said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful and happy. May this be a year that is fruitful, blessed and fulfilling for you in many, many ways!

Unknown said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!!

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