Friday, March 04, 2005

The one with the latest AI results (spoiler)

I got only two of four right with American Idol's latest results night. In my personal opinion, the results were just wrong, wrong, wrong. Janae Castine does not deserve to stay in the competition. She's too young, too skittery, too pitchy, and, quite frankly, not very pretty. Celena Rae did not do anything to sparkle that night either, so her getting voted off was not a surprise to me. But Aloha?! Aloha?!

This is Jennifer Hudson all over again, and it's just wrong.

As for the gentlemen, I knew David Brown had it coming, but Joe Murena? That's sad. I would've preferred seeing Travis Tucker get the boot. But, like David sang, all is fair in love, and apparently, that's all where it seems fair, because AI certainly doesn't seem it.

With my female manok gone, I'll be watching Mario, Anwar, Vonzell, and Carrie a lot more closely.

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