Thursday, March 10, 2005

The one on the Michael Jackson trial

Cathy and I have talked in depth about the Michael Jackson trial, with her believing that Jackson is guilty to a certain extent, saying there wouldn't be that many people filing cases against him if there weren't truth to it, and with me believing he may have made certain incorrect decisions but believing he isn't the sexual predator American media is making him out to be.

Well, thus far, the only witness in the current case against him, the 14-year-old boy who claims his brother was molested by America's dethroned King of Pop, has apparently lied under oath. This interesting revelation was made during cross-examination, all part of the defense's attempt to show the family has a history of filing false claims against celebrities and big-name entrepreneurs to make money off them.

While the plot thickens, the focus is off Mr. Jackson's music, which is a shame, because he's lost most of his musical luster in the process of becoming a rather strange individual. That being said, I continue to await the results of the trial. In my heart, I hope he's innocent, and can go back to making good music, because, well, he did make 'em durn well.

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