Thursday, March 24, 2005

The one where you can bless any of five online Christians

I've never won anything online in my life, save for a Blog of the Month award from Christopher Wright and a Best Filipino Blog award from Jax Place. These are the two highlights of my more than five-year stay in the blogosphere, although it never fails to thrill when people like Bene Diction, David Heddle, Sue Prince, and other great bloggers bless me immensely with the occasional compliment. When every visitor swings by, regular or otherwise, and leaves a comment, it warms my heart soooooo much.

Well, I actually have a chance to win something. :) May God be praised! I finished #1 after the semifinal voting period on Chette's Blog of the Month award shebang! Coming into the competition at #4 was already something amazing, and to make it to the top after a site redesign is, well, simply too much! As far as I'm concerned, to make Top 5 is victory enough. :)

I won't be a hypocrite, though, and say that winning this competition won't mean anything to me. It would mean a lot. My entire walk with God has been, at best, rocky, and I trust in Him to carry me through, but when something you love, like your online home, is recognized by your peers, it really does things and inspires one to be...

... better.

It makes me realize the huge responsibility I have, as we all do, to do great things for God. All things excellent for an excellent God. We're here to bring glory to God. That's always been the bottom line. Our lives are living sacrifices and testimonies to His goodness, and when the Family of God superblesses you, you give thanks to God for it. In all my blogging life, I've tried to be honest and open. I've tried to bless people online and off, and give testimony to the goodness of my God, Jesus Christ. It's been a pleasure, and today, I've been blessed again to be a finalist in this competition.

There are four other spectacular finalists: Stratiotes, mithmeoi, Dwelling, and BrokenWings. Please do swing by their pages. After you've done so, please feel free to superbless any of them (or me, if you wish) by voting for the most deserving blog on the Blog of the Month homepage.

The best part? No matter who wins, the winner is a Christian, so God will again be glorified through His children! I love this family of God!

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