Wednesday, March 16, 2005

The one with the gig at Conspiracy

Last night, Cathy and I were at Conspiracy Garden Cafe along Visayas Avenue so I could perform at the KATHA songwriters' night. I did Chasing Stars and I Don't Wanna Talk About It. It went relatively well, considering I was fighting butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Among the people who showed up were Gene (who accompanied me on guitar), Dale (a magnificent musician who lent us his guitar), Mikoid, The Rowster, Dannyboy, a friend from college, with his girlfriend Karen and buddy Mickey, and...

... Cynthia Alexander!

Ohmigosh! I hadn't seen her since a 70s Bistro gig ages ago. I literally was on the phone with Gene when she stepped out of a cab and shocked me half to death. Poor Gene: I completely forgot about him while I begged Cynthia to stay awhile and chat.

I have no shame.

Anyway, her new album is coming out in May, I've heard, and it's titled Comet's Tail. I had the privilege of listening to it ahead of time, and believe you me, this is something like she's never done before! Mark my words, we're talking world music on a global scale! I asked about the possibility that i might be able to interview her for Pulp Magazine, and she said she might actually be willing to do it. Time to call Pearlsha!

There's also buzz about a Rippingyarns remixes album. My God, the greatest Filipina musician on earth has a remixes album! Is there anything this woman cannot do?!

So how'd the gig actually go? Well, let's put it this way. I don't think I should give up the day job just yet. Oh wait a minute: I don't have a day job.

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