Wednesday, March 02, 2005

The one showing how I remain cool despite the government's letting me down constantly

Guess what? If you come from the South Superhighway and exit at C-5, with intentions of heading towards Market! Market!, you're going to end up near Eastwood in Pasig before you can make a U-turn! There are three exit U-turns, but the MMDA has apparently blocked every single one with road markers. There was one particular area where a road marker has been moved, creating enough space to squeeze a car through, but without an official MMDA U-turn sign, I didn't dare turn for fear of breaking the law, so that meant from C-5, I ended up turning at Meralco Avenue in Pasig, a good 30-minute drive away from Market! Market! because of the traffic.

Paging Bayani Fernando, perhaps a look-see of the area is in order. I imagine hundreds, if not thousands, of vexed motorists cursing y'all again. Luckily, I was in a much better mood, because God is incredibly good despite the heat and all. I finished 19 sections of the Montessori de Manila for ProSec. Earned myself P1,200, which can cover some of the expenses incurred over the past few days.

You wanna hear another classic example of government inefficiency? I work for the Commission on Higher Education, and haven't been paid for my work. Since November 2004. It's now March 1, 2005.

Lord, have mercy on them. I'm not sure they know what they're doing. And bless those who are working towards making this nation better, especially Mr. Fernando.

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Arnold said...

I'm not sure if I'm reading you rightly. But if you're going towards Pasig via C5, there is an almost-unnoticed flyover (there's no huge signage) that lands you exactly to Market! Market!. You may want to try that. I'm pretty sure about it coz my sister in law whom we frequent lives in Taguig. After Shell (on your right, of course), take the innermost lane to prepare for that "The Fort" flyover.

Also, the good news is, C5 has been turned over back to MAPSA from MMDA. Remember that Fernando vs. Binay dispute weeks ago? It eventually worked out for Binay. I noticed several changes a week ago when, coming from Pembo area going to Market! Market!, I didn't take the U-turn, instead, I asked the stationed MAPSA if I can take the left turn, he said, "yes sir, balik na po tayo sa dati. Wala na MMDA". :D

Visitor, y'all. Sorry, it's Manila streets talk.