Thursday, December 01, 2005

The one with the potentially embarrassing ad

Today, the Association of Schools of the Augustinian Sisters of our Lady of Consolation published a quarter page ad on page A4 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer congratulating Ms. Philippines-International Precious Lara Quigaman for her victory at the recently concluded Miss International 2005 beauty pageant.

They termed it a precious Augustinian victory. Couldn't resist the pun, right?

The chink in the armor, the fly in the paste, the pimple on the beauty queen's face, comes in the ad's reprinting the infamous Precious Lara Quigaman nanny speech that I wrote about a few months back as a hoax. I have yet to read of confirmation that Quigaman gave that so-called nanny speech, because from the looks of it, that nanny speech was never given by Quigaman. My post explains why.

If it is, in fact, a hoax, this could be a potentially embarrassing ad for the Augustinian sisters. I'm sure the last thing they want on their hands is to fall victim to a hoax that claims the beautiful Precious Lara said something she didn't.

I've gotten at least 50 hits from searches on that speech since Precious Lara Quigaman won Miss International 2005, so I tell you people are searching for it. The real writer of that speech must be laughing her/his head off right now.

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