Friday, December 02, 2005

The Superblessed Guide to the Philippine Blog Awards Part 4

There are XX nominees in the Pinoy Blogger of the Year category, all worth a regular visit for pure enjoyment! Your run-through of the semifinalists, in order of listing on the Philippine Blog Awards semifinals page:

1. Batchoy. A blog worthy of recognition for its self-deprecating humor and creative design. Amusing!

2. SimplePipol. Mark's unique design and left-of-center thoughts on the world make this a blog worth your time. Do drop by!

3. Maning Burlesk. The author, Pnut Gritil, "ay isang promding naglalakbay sa pamamagitan ng kanyang pinakapaboritong sasakyan ang baby bus sa kanyang pinakapaboritong puwesto ang tabing bintana." Refreshingly promdi!

4. Captain's Log. Jepoy's blog reads like a personal blog highlighting his interests, often crossing the boundaries and crisscrossing topics, although science fiction is obviously a priority. Interesting!

5. My Scratch Pad. Reia's blog is a feminine, cat-oriented blog with thoughtful entries that reflect a charming nature and love for life. Lovely!

6. Kulotski Online. Kulotski witnessed a crime and claims to have done nothing. I disagree - she blogged about it. That's a brave blogger right there.

7. Gingmaganda. Ging's website stands out for its simplicity of design and frankness of blog. Hearts on one's sleeve always find others that beat to the same tune. Gorgeous.

8. Edmon and Anne. Two thoughtful bloggers, blogging from a tree. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

9. Idiotboard. Julsitos' wry, sarcastic, acerbic blog infuriates, tickles, challenges, and pleases. Not for the faint-hearted!

10. Jac Strips for You. Cartoonist Jac Ting Lim maintains a funny, thought-provoking blog. You gotta love that title. Excellent!

11. Chris Lagman posts quality entries on topics in general. Quite good! Interesting and engaging!

To be continued...

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