Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The one with the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards 2005 winners

We want to thank everyone for their support in 2005. The love you've shown us - peaking, of course, with the Philippine Blog Awards nomination and subsequent runner-up finish - has been a source of much joy.

"Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." - 1 Cor 15:57

The winners of this year's Superblessed Christian Blog Awards are victorious in Christ Jesus. They are outstanding ambassadors of Christ's love, and we thank God for their fellowship and online presence, because they are great encouragers, great bloggers, and simply great people.

We love every nominee, and pray each of you continues to blog for Jesus. Be superblessed!

Best Designed Blog.
BrownPau.com. Brownpau is an amazing individual, with much going for him in life, love, and career. His blog shows a keen sense of design, wit, and panache. Never too much but never too minimalist, Brownpau.com is a testament to the great things one can do with a classic sense of design.

Most Humorous Blog.
What in Tarnation?! Christopher Wright is one of the finest Christian bloggers on the Web today, and with good reason. His heart for God, his love for children, and his sense of humor is truly an encouragement. Sarcastic, corny, heart-warming... What in Tarnation?! has it all.

Most Educational Blog
Real Live Preacher. I only discovered Real Life Preacher this year, and have learned so much from Gordon Atkinson. He has a gift for teaching, and can deliver his points in simple yet riveting commentary. He is funny, too, and I look forward to eventually meeting this great, great man.

Most Introspective Blog
What a Beautiful Day! Susan has superblessed me for the longest time, and with her pregnant, her joy continues to overflow! A member of the Hillsong Australia church, Susan's thoughts on motherhood and walking the Christian life has been a source of much encouragement and introspection.

Most Useful Christian Resource
Relevant Magazine. Live the Life Magazine, the ill-fated Christian teen magazine Cathy and I started in 2004, owes much to Relevant Magazine. As I continue to take active efforts to impact the lives of Philippine youth through God-music, God-content, and this blog, I am inspired by the wry tones of Relevant Magazine, a truly cool Christian magazine for mid-20s adults.

Best Group Blog
Under the Juniper and Two Sents. Why pick when you can have both? Great discussions from all members of these group blogs make reading them absolute pleasure. Whether they're talking about the latest fashions, or blogging about personal mishaps, or waxing philosophical on their pastor's latest treatise, these young bloggers - men and women - are good reasons to band in groups of two or three with Christ in the center.

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog.
Chette. Chette Dizon is a young Filipina with a heart of gold for God and man. Reading her blog, you can taste her joy and see how happy she is to have God in her life. She and her boyfriend, Philip, are both so cute and inspiring, and I know God will use her mightily to win more souls to Jesus.

Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog.
Chinito.org. This was actually one of the toughest blogs, because I truly enjoy every single Filipino male blog in this list. What eventually won this award for Boris are the following: 1) he's proud to be Bisaya, like me; 2) he's young and has many more years to do great things for Christ; 3) he was woefully underappreciated at the Philippine Blog Awards, and this young man deserves all the encouragement; and 4) he's good-looking, like me. Okay, maybe three reasons, but still...

Most Enjoyable Female Filipino-Christian Blog.
Tina. I discovered Tina's blog this year, and I know her walk hasn't been all roses and satin. What I do know is that she does her best to live that life at work and at home, being the ambassador of Christ that she knows she is. I look forward to the day when she will be strong enough to share the good news with everyone she meets, and I know God will make her strong and mighty in every area.

Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Tim Samoff. Tim has gone through a lot in his life, but his faith and his God have sustained him, and in the process, served to inspire hundreds of visitors and guests to his blog, including me. I know that with every day that passes, he continues to grow joyful in God, and I know God will superbless Tim as Tim has superblessed me. Gallstones, begone, in Jesus' name!

Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Notes in the Key of Life and Shalom's Web (tie). What I love so much about Cindy Swanson and Jan Bishop are that they are such encouragers at this point in their life! When you've been through so much and God has blessed you, there is a great possibility you can become complacent, but not these two, no! Cindy Swanson is a great encourager who uses her gifts to testify of God's goodness, and Jan Bishop's musings on life and her faith have always served to encourage me and challenge my own faith in positive ways.

Superblessed Hall of Fame Award
Bene Diction Blogs On

The Blog On! Most Superblessed Christian Blog of 2005.
Sister's Weblog. Susan L. Prince and Katie B. have been online sisters of mine in the faith since 2002, I believe, and they've always been honest and open with their life. God-blogging is a serious activity - one carries the name of Christ, and temptations to doctor one's online persona to fit a holier-than-thou attitude are great and plentiful. With Sue and Katie, you know that what you see is what you get. Every post is a heart-on-your-sleeve, barenaked commentary that brings you to the realization that God works powerfully, no matter who you are, if you let Him. Sue's and Katie's lives are so inspiring because they've allowed God to work in their lives. Sisters' Weblog is more than a blog: it is a moving, living, breathing testament to God's glory, and for that I am superblessed, honored, and privileged to have known the authors behind this glorious online testimony to Jesus' power.

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