Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The one with Exodus - and taking Bong Revilla to task

When Leonardo was turned into a human,
all the other Ninja Turtles fled for their lives.

Exodus is the film being touted by many as the savior of the Philippine movie industry, what with its P70M budget, star power (Ramon Revilla, Bong Revilla, Iya Villania, Jay-R, Paolo Bediones, Aubrey Miles, yada yada), and special effect wizardry.

Exodus, apparently, is a film so big that three movie studios have combined financial forces to bankroll this puppy.

My only fly in the ointment: with Philippine Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. in the lead role, I am even more convinced that actors should not be senators. How much time away from the country's woes did you spend to make this fantasy movie, senator? How much of the Filipinos' hard-earned money are you going to siphon off for people to forget their troubles and watch this otherwise stellar production? You are a senator of the republic, Sir - we pay you for public service, and creating a fantasy world to where we can escape for a few measly hours is not my idea of public service.

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